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Is Aussie vegan?


Discover our vegan hair masks and help our furry friends. Nourish and moisturise extremely dry hair or repair your badly damaged tresses with the help of our Aussie vegan products.

Is Aussie Vegan? Vegan hair products infused with Australian superfoods

Have you been searching for vegan hair products? Mission accomplished! Treat your tresses with our vegan SOS haircare ranges, from Aussie vegan shampoos to conditioners, vegan hair masks to intensive hair treatments, all infused with authentic Australian ingredients. Macadamia Nut Oil, Avocado, Wild Peach, Manuka Leaf extracts… sourced directly from family owned farms, handpicked and pesticide free. Nourish and moisturise extremely dry hair or repair badly damaged tresses with the help of our Aussie vegan hair care products.

FAQs about vegan hair care & Aussie

First things first! As a PETA recognised cruelty free hair care brand, you can rest assured that we care deeply about our furry friends, large and small. Having doubts about what vegan hair care means? No worries! We did all the digging for you. Before we proudly show you our A-mazing vegan hair products, we’ll give you a little tour through the most important questions.

1. What does it mean that a hair care product is vegan?

Vegan means that your shampoo, conditioner or other hair care treatments do not include animal by-products or animal derived ingredients.

2. Does Aussie offer vegan products?

All our hair care treatments are cruelty free, so you can rest assured that our Aussie friends are safe. You can also find 100% vegan line-ups among our products, like the SOS range!

3. Are all cruelty free cosmetics also vegan?

We’ve already seen that cruelty free means that no ingredients nor the final product have been tested on animals. It is still possible, however, for cruelty free products to contain non-vegan ingredients, like honey or beeswax. All Aussie products are PETA certified cruelty free. And the entire SOS range is both vegan and cruelty free.

Aussie vegan products: help your hair, help animals

SOS line-ups consist of vegan shampoos, conditioners, hair oils and hair masks – all vegan and cruelty free. Be sure to check our Save My Lengths and Kiss Of Life collections!

Try the SOS Supercharged Moisture vegan hair mask with sustainably sourced Australian macadamia nut oil and avocado, and Supercharged Repair vegan hair mask with Australian wild peach and manuka leaf extracts, to bring your hair back from the depths of despair.

There’s more!

Here’s the full list of our Aussome vegan hair care products:

Aussie vegan hair products

Vegan shampoos

Blonde Hydration Purple Shampoo – neutralise brassy, yellow tones with vegan shampoo for silver hair, blondes, greys and whites.

SOS Save My Lengths Shampoo – deep cleanse your hair and bring it back from the depths of despair with this vegan shampoo for damaged tresses.

SOS Kiss Of Life Shampoo – deep repair vegan shampoo for real hair care emergencies.

Vegan conditioners

Blonde Hydration Purple Conditioner – kick some brightness and hydration back into your crowning glory with this vegan conditioner. Use together with Aussie Blonde Hydration every time you wash your precious locks.

SOS Save My Lengths Conditioner – infused with a blend of Australian superfoods, this vegan conditioner will instantly detangle frizzy hair and transform it into beautiful long tresses.

SOS Kiss OF Life Conditioner – deep repair vegan conditioner to make your tresses beautifully soft and smooth in no time.

Vegan hair masks

Supercharged Moisture Hair Mask – is your damaged hair crying out for help? Use this vegan hydrating hair mask to infuse moisture back into extremely dry hair.

Supercharged Repair Hair Mask – this vegan hair mask will deeply nourish and repair your overly damaged hair when it needs an emergency fix most.

SOS Revive Hair Mask & Cap – deep conditioning vegan hair mask to transport you and your locks to the land down under and give your tresses that winning holiday feeling, with a beautifully healthy and smooth look.

Vegan deep treatments

3 Minute Miracle Blonde Deep Treatment – blonde hair in need of nourishment and shine? Our vegan deep treatment is the perfect therapy for bleached out blondes and silvers.

SOS Save My Lengths 3 Minute Miracle – vegan deep conditioner for long and damaged locks on the verge of breakdown. Infused with a blend of Australian superfoods.

SOS 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment – nourishing vegan deep treatment for dry, damaged and dull locks.

Vegan treatment shots

SOS Moisture Treatment Shot – this vegan hair treatment will give your locks the moisture boost it deserves.

SOS Repair Treatment Shot – vegan treatment shot for weak and damaged hair, restores and revives your locks.

SOS Frizz Treatment Shot – tame that mane with this vegan treatment shot for dry and frizzy hair, infused with Australian caviar lime.

SOS Shine Treatment Shot – nourishing vegan hair treatment shot for dull and lifeless locks. Helps you bring your hair back from the depths of despair.

Vegan sprays

SOS Heat Saviour Conditioning Spray – heat protection vegan hair spray designed to restore dry and damaged hair from styling. Beat the heat, vegan style!

SOS Humidity Shield Leave On Spray – perfect vegan leave on spray to smooth and protect frizzy hair from humidity, wherever you go.

Vegan hair oils

SOS 3in1 Hair Oil – for hair crying out for help, this miraculous vegan hair oil is designed to detangle, defrizz and repair split ends. Oil’s well!

Aussie partners for years with WWF to help save Australian Homeland

The bushfires that devastated Australia’s beautiful homeland in January 2020 and destroyed more than 17 million hectares of land left one billion animals at risk.

The immense scale of the catastrophe was Aussie’s immediate call to action.

Our existing partnership with WWF has already seen over $200,000 AUD of donations from sales of Aussie S.O.S in 2020 and 2021 go towards supporting the recovery of the Australia’s wildlife and landscape. To show our ongoing commitment to help conserve Australia’s wildlife rehabilitation, we are continuing our partnership with WWF in 2022.

We will help WWF restore 100,000m2 of land through donations from purchases of our Aussie SOS Jar Masks.

Working closely with WWF to help support their programme, the money from sales will be going towards protecting and restoring Australian wildlife and landscapes in priority habitats.

Funds will be going directly towards helping save the animals, providing protection and restoration for many years to come.

Key activities include planting more than 1,500 native trees and shrubs to increase vegetation to support the local wildlife, as well as removing invasive vegetation and other plants that block koalas and other species accessing food.

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