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Amazing Conditioner

Our amazing conditioners infused with incredible Australian ingredients and our unique conditioning blend pack a punch but how to know which one is right for your hair type and hair needs? Fear not! We've done the hard yakka (that's Australian for hard work) that'll lead you closer to the conditioner that's right for you.

Best Conditioner To Moisturise Hair

Hair thirstier than a tourist lost in the outback? If you’re looking for a moisturizing conditioner that will rejuvenate your precious mane and bring it back to its former glory, we’ve just the thing for you.

Best Conditioners For Wavy Hair

Looking for a light-weight wavy hair conditioner that’ll leave you with more bounce than a baby kangaroo? Look no further…

Best leave in conditioner for your hair type

Not sure what the best leave in conditioner is for your hair type? Our collection of Aussie leave in conditioner treatments are infused with Australian botanical ingredients.

Best Leave In Conditioner To Repair Dry Hair

Desperate to give your hair a moisture boost? Top Aussie secrets to transform dry, damaged hair are just a scroll away.

Best Lightweight Conditioner

No matter what kind of hair you have, the last thing you want is for it to look and feel weighed down. So, what’s the best lightweight conditioner in our Aussie collection? Let’s take a look…

Best Treatments For Dry Damaged Hair

Hair about to snap? If your mane’s coarse and rough in texture, it’s likely crying out for a moisture boost to bring back the bounce and shine. Luckily, we have just the thing for you…

Hair Conditioner Tips

Looking for ways to ramp up your haircare routine with minimal effort? Look no further than your hair conditioner or deep treatment. We’ve got some Australian A-beauty secrets that’ll change the way you treat your hair.

How To Choose The Best Conditioner For My Hair Type

Finding the best hair conditioner to help to repair damaged hair can be challenging. Where do you start the search? Here’s everything you need to know to make the right choice for your hair type. And, before you know it, those strands will be back to their best.

What Is Conditioner?

Ever wonder how to get that silky, soft hair you see in advertisements? The answer is in conditioner. It has the power to transform troubled tresses into smooth, silky and soft strands. But what is conditioner?

How does conditioner work?

Ever wonder how conditioner makes your hair look and feel so soft and beautiful? Luckily, we know all the Aussie hair beauty secrets and decided not to keep them to ourselves – sharing is caring after all!

How to use conditioner?

Conditioner is the miracle-worker that can completely transform troubled tresses into luscious, beautifully smooth and shiny hair. But how do you know how much to use, where to apply it and which hair conditioner is right for you? Many questions. Luckily, we have the answers.

Conditioner for curly hair

If you’re lucky enough to sport curls with more bounce than a joey (that’s a baby kangaroo in the land down under!), then you’ll also know the struggles. Yikes!

Hair conditioner benefits

Use it, know your hair feels better afterwards, but not entirely sure of the benefits? With so many conditioners staring back at you on the shop shelf, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or confused by the actual benefits.

How to deep condition hair

Strands seriously dry and damaged, crying out for help? Whether you have naturally dry, coiled hair or you’ve overexposed those tresses to your armoury of styling tools, knowing how to use a deep conditioner can be your saviour.

Leave in conditioner for curly hair

Wondering what products to use for curly hair that’s prone to frizz, dryness and damage (not to mention everyday hair struggles the curly-haired of us face)? If leave-in conditioner’s not already part of your curly-hair care arsenal, here’s why it should be….

What is leave in conditioner?

Hair damage getting out of control? Cue leave in conditioner Find out what leave in conditioner does with our Aussie wisdom. Great hair, no worries!