A photo of gardeners taking care of hemp in the tillage

Sustainable production and packaging


Green hair might not be the best look, but green planet – absolutely! That’s why we’ve taken big steps toward greener manufacturing, packaging and sourcing. So, you can use your Aussie BFF knowing those tresses (by way of extension) are doing their part to protect our A-mazing planet. Yep, going green has never looked so good.

We give an Aussie about our planet and want to make sure this Aussome land’s protected. From our waterways and plants to the fluffy (and not so fluffy) animals that call it home. That’s why we’re committed to reduce our environmental impact through our total supply chain from the ingredients we use, to packaging and manufacturing. Sustainable production from plant to your shower shelf!

Sustainable production: what we’re doing

On the green theme… have you heard of green electricity? It’s when electricity’s created from renewable sources like wind farms and solar panels. Our process to make the products you love uses 100% green electricity. But that’s just the beginning of our love affair with green! We make sure zero manufacturing waste’s sent to landfill - nada, zero, zilch! And we’ve increased our water efficiency by 35% (so, no summer water fights or splish, splosh, splashing!). That’s what we like to call that green manufacturing.

Sustainable packaging

Our beige shampoo and conditioner bottles are recyclable and our beige shampoo bottles (excluding 750ml) are made from 100% recycled plastic. If you're not sure how to recycle shampoo bottles, we've put together a little guide to help.

Our HDPE 2 and PET bottles are designed to be recycled… which kind of makes them green packaging (just to get us back on the green theme).

Aussie SOS Blonde Hydration Hair Conditioner


Blonde or silver hair SOS? Don't panic, we’re throwing you an Aussie lifeline.

This miraculous hair conditioner provides a much-needed boost of hydration and shine to your blonde hair or silver blonde hair, whether it's short or long, ash, golden or platinum.



Before we start making the bottles, we set about sourcing the ingredients. And there’s no place better for ingredients that pack a punch than Australia’s arid outback. So, you better believe we give an Aussie about making sure those ingredients are there to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Our authentic Australian botanicals are responsibly sourced by a bonza chap called Marty. You might even spot him in some of our advertising – he’s the Aussie guy in the hat!

Our growers love pesticide free farming, hand-picking and harvesting, and even get a little help on weed control from roaming wallabies. That’s sustainable sourcing at it’s best.

All our collections are paraben free. So, more of the good stuff and less of the stuff you don’t want to see.

And don’t think for a second we’ve forgotten about our furry and non-furry animal friends! Aussie’s cruelty free and proudly PETA certified. Yep, animal testing can kiss our didgeridoo!

Keen to do your bit too? Live the sustainable life, take shorter showers, and learn how to recycle shampoo bottles so you can make the most of your Aussie fave once you’ve squeezed it for every drop.