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Hair Hacks

Dull, thin, flat or lifeless looking hair? No matter the hair problem, we have a hair hack to help. All it takes is a little Aussie insider knowledge from our friends down under. An infusion of botanical Australian ingredients, a mix of our effortless a-beauty style and our expert tips on how to take care of your hair will help bring back the shine, boost those roots and fix that frizz. Our Aussie Hair Hacks will help hair bounce back to its Aussie best in no time.

Best Shampoo For Fine Hair

Fine hair struggles don’t have to impact your everyday style. If you’re lusting after volume and a thicker-looking mane, we’ve got a few effortless A-beauty secrets from our friends down under that’ll transform those tresses. Don’t believe it can be done? Read on our fine-haired friends!

How to Strengthen Weak Hair

Weak hair? Relax, and breathe. You’re in good hands now.

Great Hair Though

We are on a mission here at Aussie to help shrug off those moments when life throws a little disaster your way with great hair; following research that reveals 80% of Brits experience ‘FML’ moments on a weekly basis. We want to make sure hair problems are not daily battles you have to face.

Short or Long Fine Hair - What to Do

Go BIG or go home! Fine, flat hair is no fun - it becomes oily or greasy super quickly, and for those of us who live in chillier climates, static can strike with a vengeance. If we wanted static hair, we’d have asked for a balloon…

Hair Problems

Hair hassles holding you back? Whether it’s thinning hair, damaged hair, frizzy hair or greasy hair, we talk through some of the most common hair problems and what you can do to help your hair bounce back into shape.

Add Volume to Fine Hair

We agree, some things in life are better flat: pancakes…yup, just pancakes. And certainly NOT your hair.

How to Moisturise Dry Hair

Who wants hair that’s more parched than the Outback? (We love Australia, but that’s not a good look). From straightening to peroxiding, we put our hair through its paces – and the unpredictable weather certainly doesn’t help (curse you, wind and rain and humidity!).

How to Repair Broken Hair

When your hair’s screaming SOS, it’s easy to panic. But take a few deep breathes Aussie adventurers, now’s the time to kick into hair repair action-mode! Damaged hair from too much heat? Parched ends as dry as the desert? If your tresses are in trouble, then rest easy, the flashing blue lights of hair repair are on their way to the rescue.

Hair masks at home

Gal's night-in? Aussie's hair masks - a must have item. Read on to find out which hair mask at home is for you. Friday night's-in never looked so good!

How to use a hair mask

Does the wide-world of hair masks have you more baffled than a tourist lost in the outback with a map and no idea? Worry not our intrepid adventurers… right this way to find out what, why, how and when.

How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair

Calling all blondes! You know how it goes, you leave the salon with fresh beach blonde hair, and within weeks there’s an icky brassy hue creeping into your tresses. To banish the brass, you’ll need a couple of tricks up your sleeve. Let us show you the Aussie way to keep your blonde mane looking lush! Keep reading to find out what causes brassy hair and the all-important main event… how to get rid of brassy hair!

Silver Shampoo VS Purple Shampoo

Blondes and brass – the two go hand-in-hand without proper haircare. But luckily, we’re blessed with a solution – shampoo for blonde hair. It’s what’s likely lead you here! When searching for shampoo for blonde hair, two things can come up: purple shampoo and silver shampoo. So, what’s the difference? Keep scrolling Aussie wanderers for the silver shampoo vs purple shampoo answers you seek and a better grasp on which one’s right for you and your locks!

How to get silver hair

Whether you’re already blonde and looking to turn those tresses next level white, or you’re looking for a full-head revamp, silver hair’s a cool look that’ll always be in style.

How to use hair oil

Heard of hair oil, but not quite sure how to navigate the scene? How to use hair oil can differ depending on whether you’re applying to dry or wet hair, or even the reason you’re using it. It can protect hair from frizz, reinvigorate shine, hydrate and smooth ends. Yep, hair oil’s a versatile little addition to any haircare arsenal. For more on how to apply oil to hair, keep scrolling!

Benefits of oiling hair

Is hair oil on your haircare agenda? It should be! Find out why the benefits of hair oil shouldn't be underestimated with Aussie. What you waiting for?

How to get volume in hair

Is voluminous hair your ultimate hair goal? If you’re feeling a bit flat and wondering how to add volume to hair, our Aussie wisdom will come in handy.

How to keep dyed hair healthy

Freshly coloured tresses look and feel their best post salon or home-treatment, but how do you maintain those luscious locks in between colour sessions? For the lowdown on how to keep dyed hair healthy, keep reading...

How to get bouncy hair

Luscious hair with body, bounce and shine? Right this way our Aussie wanderers…

What does hair mousse do?

Wondering whether you should switch up your style or swap out your styling products? If you’re contemplating picking up some hair mousse, but you have a few questions before making the commitment, right this way…

How to use hairspray properly

Not sure how to use hairspray properly? Whether it’s voluminous style you’re after, shine or simply to hold those locks in place, we’ve gathered all our top Aussie A-beauty secrets to help.


Natural blonde hair needs special care, we all know that. Here’s where Aussie comes in. We launched the Blonde Hydration line-up, consisting of the purple shampoo, moisturising conditioner, and other wonderful treatments for blondes. The Blonde Hydration collection will help your locks shine brighter than Australian sun at noon!


Aussieland and the colour blue have lots in common. The world-famous Blue Mountains can be found in New South Wales. They’re covered in Eucalyptus trees (which we use in our shampoos, for delicious smells and hair!), and inhabited by true blue Australian natives like koalas, dingoes and kangaroos.


Nothing looks or feels as good as beautiful, vibrant, flowing manes and the last thing you need are brassy, orange tones ruining all your WOW looks. Is your blonde hair starting to develop brassy tones and longing for some TLC? Or your brunette locks developing unwanted shades of red, yellow or orange? No worries, we’ve got you covered!


Crickey! Do you know just how special you are! Only 1 in 50 people are natural blondes and all that extra spesh natural hair needs extra special care that only Aussie’s range of Blonde Hydration products can give.