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Our Story

Our story

A is for Aussie. Which is short for Australia, the birthplace of our brand and the inspiration behind everything we do. It was in Australia that our award-winning 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioning Treatment was invented and we’re proud of our Aussie roots. That’s why we give an Aussie about the Australian wildlife, reef and bush. We want to make sure our furry Aussie friends are safe, our beaches clean from waste and our bush, home of our Aussome ingredients, is cared for.


We give an Aussie about our wildlife, our friends. Big and small, Australia’s flora and fauna are what make it so unique. Form the cuddly koala to the bouncing kangaroo, we give an Aussie, and that means animal testing can kiss our didgeridoo! We’re proudly a PETA certified cruelty free brand.


Manufacturing waste? Nope! Zip, zilch, nada. We’re all about showing more green and saving the blue. We use 100% green electricity in our manufacturing process and have increased water efficiency by 35% since 2016 (no splish splashing, please… responsible water use only!)

Australian Ingredients

Deliciously sweet and juicy peaches, strawberry and pineapple hybrids, essential oils and antioxidant-rich superfoods, the Australian outback boasts an impressive repertoire of bush treats. Surviving the harshest conditions in the arid Aussie outback, it turns out they make the perfect little addition to our Aussie hair formula. Our Aussome Australian ingredients are sourced from family-owned farms, handpicked and pesticide free. Did we mention hemp? Because there’s that, too...

Aussie Story

Waaaaaay back in 1979 our Aussome Aussie story began in the land down under. With a bunch of bush plants to be exact (plus a splash of follicular genius). Let us take you on a little Aussie adventure, back to the disco age when big hair was, well big, and an Aussie chemist discovered some game-changing ingredients...

Is Aussie Vegan?

Discover our vegan hair masks and help our furry friends. Nourish and moisturise extremely dry hair or repair your badly damaged tresses with the help of our Aussie vegan products.