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Damaged Hair Rescue

Need expert advice on how to fix damaged hair? Well then you have come to the right place! Whether you want to deep dive into the causes of hair damage, rid your hair of frizziness, discover the elixir of life to revive dry strands or protect hair from colour damage, we have just the thing! Read on to say byebye to damaged tresses and hello to luscious gorgeous hair.

How to treat heat damaged hair

You know what they say: you always want what you can’t have. Girls with straight hair want cascading curls and those with wavy locks tame them to poker-straight perfection. Oh, the choices!

How to grow long hair

Would Rapunzel have had her happy ending with her prince if she’d had dry, damaged tresses? We think not.

How to protect coloured hair

Whether it’s radiant red or bright blonde, colour is best when it’s show-stopping. But you know how it is – a little sun damage or a few too many styling tools and suddenly you find your formerly brilliant colour… well, not so brilliant. And hair that’s stripped of colour just makes us shudder!

How to get rid of split ends at home

Let’s face it – split ends suck! Ugh. That annoying moment when you’re running your hands through your luscious locks, only to find a load of pesky split ends rearing their not-so-lovely heads. A tell-tale sign that you might have slightly overdone it with the straightener or brush (sigh).

Hair masks for damaged hair

Hey, your beloved locks needing some TLC? Cue…Aussie! Discover our range of hair masks for damaged hair, you won't regret it. Great hair, no worries!

Hair mask for dry hair

Hair thirstier than a tourist lost in the Australian outback? No worries friends, there’s an oasis waiting for you and those struggling strands just a few scrolls away. If you’re an irrepressible life seeker in need of hair that keeps up with your pace of life, our Aussie hair masks for dry hair will wash your worries away and leave those strands smelling Aaaaaa-mazing!

How to repair damaged bleached hair

Bleach and your beloved locks? Yikes! Explore our Aussie wisdom on how to repair bleached, damaged hair in a few simple steps. Great hair, no worries!

How to repair damaged hair fast

Needing a hair fix pronto? No worries, we've got your back! Explore our Aussie wisdom on how to repair damaged hair fast. Go on, you won't regret it.

How to repair heat damaged hair

Too hot for your locks to handle? Yikes! Learn how to repair heat damaged hair with the ultimate Aussie wisdom. Healthy, happy locks are waiting for you!

How to look after bleached hair

Aaaaah yes, we do love ourselves some fresh blonde locks – the different shades glistening under light, the crown-worthy achievement of perfecting a healthy shine, soft-to-touch look and beautiful blonde tones.

Hair breakage repair

Have you singed and scorched your silky strands within an inch of their life, and are now thinking that your hair is beyond repair? Fear not. At Aussie, we believe in miracles.

Does dying your hair damage it?

If you’ve dyed your hair before, you might have noticed a change in the way it feels and behaves in different conditions (like humidity), and there’s good reason. Dying your hair can not only causes your hair to change visibly, but structurally, too! If you’re new to the concept of dying your hair, here’s what you need to know…

What causes hair breakage?

Whether it’s the ends of your hair splitting and breaking where you’ve noticed it most, or accumulating clumps in your hairbrush or bathroom plug, hair breakage can be a scary discovery. But before you spiral into a panic, take breath and keep reading. We’ve got a few Aussie A-beauty secrets up our sleeves that’ll help you and those tresses bounce back to their Aussie best.