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Best frizzy hair products for different types of frizz


Frizzy ends, frizz all over or fly-aways and static… no matter the frizzy hair problem you face, we’ll help you find the best frizzy hair products within the Aussie range that’ll leave you thinking (hair) miracles really do happen!

Thought frizz was frizz? Turns out there are different kinds and knowing the difference is how to find the best frizzy hair treatment to help your hair get back to its natural best. So, lets deep dive into the world of frizz.



Sound familiar? If you’ve got frizz from root to tip, this could be a sign that your hair’s in need of a moisture boost. Why? Because when your hair’s well hydrated, this helps to protect it from frizz-causing factors, like humidity. When your hair’s dry and brittle, it takes in more moisture from the surrounding air, which is what causes hair to appear frizzy. Solution? Fend off frizzy hair with our Calm the Frizz collection infused with Australian Hemp Seed Extract. We especially love the Calm the Frizz Deep Treatment – perfect to help frizzy hair chill – in just 3 minutes! The super conditioning formula is just what’s needed to keep unruly hair in its place.


This is typically an indication of split ends, which is when the strands of the hair split at the tips into different directions and appear like frizz. It’s caused by severe dryness, which could be from over-treatment/styling or harsh weather conditions and can feel straw-like. Treat those struggling strands with a dose of our Aussie Miracle Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment (or if you prefer calling it mask we are in for that as well!) with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil. It’ll work wonders on those dry, damaged ends, leaving them intensely conditioned and feeling A-mazing.


You might be noticing a trend here, that dry, damaged hair’s more prone to frizz. That’s because hair that’s been over-styled or seen the inside of a salon one too many times is desperate for moisture. Think of it like this; when you use styling tools, like straighteners and curling tongs, on high heat without a protective spray the moisture within strands dries up (like a drop of water on the surface of straighteners on high heat). That’s why damaged hair looks and feels brittle and dry. So, when hair’s exposed to conditions where there’s high moisture in the air (humidity), it soaks up more than a camel at an oasis to rehydrate. This, in turn, causes strands to expand and become unruly – cue our foe the frizz. Solution? A good dose of our go-to treatment for damaged tresses, 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Treatment with authentic Australian Macadamia Nut Oil. A little of this miracle-worker will go a long way to help repair damaged tresses and keep frizz at bay. A coin-sized amount squeezed into the palm of your hand and worked through the lengths of hair down to the tips is all it takes. Wait 3 minutes – sing a song, do a dance – and rinse! Too easy!

Top A-beauty tip: If your hair’s at breaking point from styling tools and salon treatments, give it a little holiday from the heat and let your hair dry naturally. Gently wrap it in a towel to soak up extra moisture and if you do use a hairdryer, dry at a lower heat setting. Ramp up your haircare regime with deeply nourishing conditioning treatments every time you wash your hair and treat yourself, and your tresses, to a weekly hair mask. Our Calm the Frizz Hair Mask is the hair holiday those strands have been waiting for. Cap things off by applying a little of our 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor to the ends and your hair will bounce back to its Aussie best in not time.


Surface frizz is when it appears on the outer layers of the hair and not all strands. Luckily a quick spritz with our Miracle Moist Conditioning Spray with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil or smooth over with our 3 Miracle Oil Smooth leave in treatment will settle those top tresses. For an everyday smooth look that smells like a dream, try our Scent-sational smooth collection with Australian Beach Strawberry. We heart the deep treatment mask – a true wonder coming from Down Under! It’s the a-mazing Aussie formula that’ll make frizzy hair nightmares a thing of the past.


When curly hair frizzes up, curls become less defined and hair starts to look out of control. This could be from over-styling, the weather, lack of hydration or a sign your hair needs a little nourishment. The best products for curly frizzy hair within the Aussie range is our Calm the Frizz collection. It’s designed for frizzy hair that needs to chill. Lather up with our Calm the Frizz Shampoo to cleanse the dirt, oils and frizzy hair worries away. Follow up with our Calm the Frizz Conditioner, starting at the tips and working your way up to the mid-lengths of the hair. For an extra special treat, our Calm the Frizz 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment’s intensely nourishing formula will help protect strands from frizz. Apply a dollop to the mid-lengths and ends, leave it in for 1-3 minutes and you’re done!


Our hair becomes static when it becomes over energized by displaced energy. Like when the strands of our hair rub against something, like a hat. This can cause a kind of electric charge. You might also notice more static hair in winter when our strands are dryer because of a lack of moisture in the air. The good news is, there’s a simple and quick solution to get on top of static-like frizzy strands. Try one of our leave in oil treatments like 3 Minute Miracle Moisture. It’s like a drenching oasis in the desert for parched hair. Or a leave in treatment like our 3 Miracle Oil Smooth will also do the trick. You can even use a little hairspray to keep those flyaways and static strands in place. Hooroo frizzy hair!