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Hair mask for dry hair


Hair thirstier than a tourist lost in the Australian outback? No worries friends, there’s an oasis waiting for you and those struggling strands just a few scrolls away. If you’re an irrepressible life seeker in need of hair that keeps up with your pace of life, our Aussie hair masks for dry hair will wash your worries away and leave those strands smelling Aaaaaa-mazing!


There are lots of reasons hair can look and feel dry - some might sound more familiar than others, but no matter how it came to happen, rest assured there’s an Aussie-grown solution. We’ll take you through some of the most common causes and the true-blue Aussie remedy.


If your hands are permanently attached to the styling tools as part of your everyday ritual, you may start to notice the strain it’s having on your hair. Intense, high levels of heat evaporate moisture within the strands of your hair. Think of a droplet of water on a heated straightener – that’s right, friends… goodbye hydration. The remedy? A heat protection spray will go a long way in helping to protect strands against high-heat. A spritz of our Miracle Hair Insurance Conditioning Spray before you plug in your styling tool of choice is the first barrier to preventing dry, damaged hair. The second barrier? Treat your hair to a deeply hydrating mask for dry hair on a weekly basis depending on how often you style and how dry your hair looks and feels. Swap out your everyday conditioner for our 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Hair Mask, infused with authentic Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, and you’ll soon notice the difference. If your hair’s really dry, a super shot of moisture will help your hair bounce back (we told you there’s an Aussie-grown solution for all levels of dryness!). Our SOS Moist Treatment Shot's the perfect treat for tresses and with a little native Australian superfood in every dose, dryness from styling will be a thing of the past. So, you see, you don’t have to choose between your styling rituals and healthy-looking hair. Awesome, right?


While you might feel you’re doing everything right, from the products you choose to your styling habits, sometimes Mother Nature plays a role in our hair’s appearance and condition. A change in season, temperature or over-exposure to the elements (like sun, rain or humidity) can affect your hair’s hydration. The different elements are called ‘stressors’ because they can cause hair cuticles to lift or react in different ways allowing moisture to escape. Or, in the case of humidity when it meets dry or damaged hair, strands take on more moisture than they can handle. The good news is, unlike Mother Nature, the effect it has on our hair is still within our control. A deeply nourishing hair mask once a week (or as often as you need) will help fend off those external elements. Rich in moisturising ingredients – not to mention it comes with its own statement cap – our Moisture Paradise Hair Mask & Cap combo will help hydrate your hair, improving its defence against the harshness of the environment. Just like out authentic Aussie ingredients have learned to survive in harsh conditions, so too can your hair. Infused with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, which is known for its moisturising qualities, this little beauty will leave you feeling like one. It’s the deeply nourishing hair mask for dry hair that can be left on overnight or whipped off in 3 minutes!


You might not have thought about product build-up as being a contributor to dryness, but it can definitely be a culprit. The build-up of product on hair can act as a road block to moisturising ingredients and nourishing properties getting to where the hair needs in most. It’s like you’re leaving a barrier where the ingredients need to cross – from outer layers of the hair to inside the hair’s shaft. So, what can you do about it? A clarifying shampoo will ensure hair’s squeaky clean before you apply a deeply nourishing hair mask. Just like you wouldn’t apply a face mask over makeup or moisturiser, you wouldn’t spread a hair mask over the top of styling products. Not only can product build-up stop hair getting the moisturising it needs from hydrating conditioners, it could affect your hair’s overall health if products are not properly removed. Our Aussie Mega collection’s designed for everyday use and an everyday clean. No build-up, just luscious, light-weight locks. A lathering of our Aussie Mega Shampoo before our Moisture Paradise Hair Mask & Cap will have you, and your hair, feeling like new.


We’ve covered dryness from a little self-infliction and from external factors, but there’s also the simple matter of hair type. Our curly-haired friends naturally struggle to get the hair’s natural oils from root to tip, meaning the ends are more likely to be dry and brittle. Straight, fine hair, on the other hand is more prone to heat damage because there are fewer cuticle layers. The good news for fine hair is this also means it’s easier for oils and moisture to penetrate through the shaft. This means striking a balance between an intensely nourishing treatment and one that’s focused on repairing the hair’s surface. A quality treatment for dry, damaged hair will cater to your hair type and needs. Plenty of hydration, no build-up or residue and a lightweight finish.


We have a hair mask to remedy all hair needs, types and moods. The ingredients we infuse into every bottle are sourced from the arid Australian outback and have learned to survive in some of the harshest conditions on the planet! So, it’s no wonder they work miracles on hair, too.

Whether you’re about to hit the town and need a treatment for dry hair that’ll give hair a little boost, or those Monday blues have you thinking Netflix, hair mask and wine… we’re in your corner. Here’s what you need:

A quick fix for the time poor is ideal for pre-date (or any) night prep, giving hair instant hydration, smoothness and calm. A shot of our SOS Shot Moisture with Tasmanian Pepperberry will spice things up in a heartbeat! Squeeze as much as you need into the palm of your hand and apply to clean, towel dried or rinsed hair. Sing a song, do a dance, get your pre-game on and rinse. So simple, but simply A-mazing results!

If a night in’s is on the cards, show those strands some TLC and dive into a binge-worthy series with our Moisture Paradise Hair Mask & Cap. Leave it in as long as you like, there are no rules here. It’s the treat you and your tresses deserve.

If your hair’s feeling the heat (literally) from your morning styling rituals or is looking a little battered from the wrath of Mother Nature, swap your everyday conditioner with a 3 Minute Miracle Treatment that works in as little time as your morning shower. Our 3 Minute Miracle Moist Mask, infused with authentic Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, is the one to help those strands bounce back from the depths of despair.