A close up photo of strawberries

Are strawberries good for hair?


Strawberries are the deliciously sweet and refreshing fruit of choice for many, but did you know your hair loves strawberries just as much as you do? Here’s why…

Strawberries are jam packed with nutrients that can leave you feeling and looking great on the inside and out.

But what is it that make this more than a summer treat whipped out during the tennis?


Strawberries are full of nutrients which support iron absorption. And we know that iron plays a big role in eliminating fatigue - very important for the adventure-loving Aussie.

The high nutritional value of strawberries (and the fact they’re delicious!) make them a favourite in fruit salads. The antioxidants have positive health benefits that range from improved skin health to feeling stronger.

So, what other strawberry benefits are there and is this food good for hair?


A lack of nutrients can lead to hair feeling and looking brittle as well as other hair hassles. Luckily for us, it’s just another aussome quality of strawberries - they’re oozing with the good stuff.

That’s why we infused some of this miracle fruit into our Aussie Miracle Shine collection that gives you Aussome Aussie hair that shines.

The nutrients packed inside these little red treats combined with our miraculous conditioning agents help grow your hair longer, nourishing those strands to improve hair problems, like dry and damaged hair.

The strawberries in our Miracle Shine collection are a hybrid of pineapple and strawberry called Pineberry. It’s an Aussie (a-beauty) secret we just had to share.

They’re hand-picked in one of Australia’s largest strawberry plantations in the golden state of Queensland.


All our products are made with authentic Australian ingredients straight from the motherland.

If you’re after hair that shimmers like the sea off the Gold Coast on a sunny day, our Aussie Miracle Shine Collection is just what you need. Our special formula, with Australian Pineberry, leaves hair positively gleaming.

Start by waking up tired hair with our Aussie Miracle Shine shampoo, then couple the cleanse with our Aussie Miracle Shine conditioner. And for an extra special sweet-smelling treat, the rich nourishing formula in our Aussie Miracle Shine 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment will give dull hair a boost and leave you with a super-shiny, dream-like sheen. Aussome!