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How to repair heat damaged hair


Too hot for your locks to handle? Yikes! Learn how to repair heat damaged hair with the ultimate Aussie wisdom. Healthy, happy locks are waiting for you!

Wow that’s hot! We all love curling, blow drying and crimping (‘80’s disco style) our beloved locks, but let’s not forget that our strands DO NOT. Unfortunately styling wreaks more havoc on our tender tresses than you may like to believe. Fear not! We’ve got your back. When it comes to heat damaged hair we’re well-versed, so relax you’re in safe Aussie hands here. Explore our wise words of wisdom on how to fix heat damaged hair.


Hello heat damage, old friend. Back again? But why? There are countless factors that can cause your strands to become dry and brittle, but let’s start with the obvious that is staring right back at us in the mirror. Both our friend and foe – heat styling tools. Ah yes – those culprits, with some tools exceeding sizzling levels of 200 °C (almost as hot as you on a Saturday night) some serious dehydration is only to be expected.

When your locks become thirsty, the moisture has gone, keratin vanishes and your hair proteins begin to worsen for wear – heat damage has begun. Hello split ends, hi dull, dry hair. But the good news is, its not game over. By following our Aussie wisdom and adding a few simple steps into your daily haircare routine, your locks will be back to full-health in no time at all. Phew


Can damaged hair be repaired? You bet your (soon to be) luscious locks they can! Read on for some serious re-hydration rituals. This is your new haircare bible - hold it close.

1. Crikey, dial down the heat!
Trust us, we get it more than anyone, styling our hair makes us look and feel great, but let’s not forget what it does to our beloved locks. Yes, that’s right, harm! So, when you can, step away from the heat and cool it down. After all, au natural is way hotter than anything heat can achieve. Ouchhh!

2. Moisture, moisture, moisture. ALWAYS!
The way you love to binge-watch your favourite series on a Sunday, is the way your locks love moisture – a deep-rooted bond that can never be broken. Grab our Aussie Miracle Moist ShampooAussie Miracle Moist Conditioner and 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Deep Treatment for optimal moisture levels that your hair will just adore.

3. The thermal protectant - your new accomplice when heat styling.
Ok, ok, we’re not saying to drop the tongs all together, but when you do reach for the heat, be sure you’re equipped with our Miracle Hair Insurance Conditioning Spray. That way, you can rest assured that heat damage is kept to low levels.

4. Buddy up with a lightweight oil.
If you’re feeling the heat, smooth things over with a lightweight oil, like our 3 Miracle Oil Smooth. Apply before you style for a little added protection or touch up those ends for a frizz-free, shiny finish. Round of applause to this wonder worker!

5. Put the towel down. OMG!
If your tresses are feeling tender already, you don’t want to put them under any more stress, so avoid any vigorous towel-drying as this is likely to cause extra damage to the hair cuticle. WOW, so extra! When you can, let locks dry naturally the way nature intends. Such a bush baby!

6. Be gentle with the brush.
So, your strands are feeling fragile already, therefore you’ve gotta be kind. Make sure you use a soft-bristle brush and only brush your hair when dry!


Now we’ve covered the basics on how to repair heat damaged hair, we’ve saved an extra sprinkle of wisdom just for you. Don’t you feel special? We’ve selected our top-picks and the best products for heat, damaged hair that our brand has to offer.


Hair treatments are often overlooked as part of a heat, damaged haircare routine, but they’re hella important to get your hair back in tip-top condition. Our hair treatments come in regular size and shot size editions. Ahhh so cute! See below for details.

• Aussie SOS Repair Treatment Shot – This little baby, infused with Australian Caviar Lime, will nurse your fragile locks back to full health in no time. Apply once or twice weekly, and BAAAM beautifully bouncy locks in no time.

• Aussie SOS Moist Treatment Shot – This little gem infused with Tasmanian Pepperberry will re-hydrate your thirsty tresses back to life quicker than a New York minute. Apply once to twice weekly and… Et voila. Great hair.

• 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Treatment – Our signature treatment’s got a rep for bringing hair back from the depths of despair for a reason. Struggling strands? Consider this your elixir of life. Work it into your everyday routine – it only takes 3 minutes!

• 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Treatment – What heat takes from strands this baby gives back in multitudes. Like a hydration hose for hair, it’s packed with moisturising ingredients to leave hair looking and feeling soft.


If you’re looking for moisture levels that are out of this world, the ultimate hair rescue, we’ve got a secret for you. Cue our SOS 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment. This deep conditioner will help revitalise heat damaged hair before you know it. Infused with Tasmanian Pepperberry, our indigenous Aussie superfood which is rich in essential minerals for healthy hair, Lemon Myrtle to help invigorate tired-looking locks and Caviar Lime (rich in Vitamin C) to put back the WOW factor in your tresses.

So, there you have it, your A-Z on how to repair heat damaged hair. If heat damage isn’t your only hair concern, explore how to repair damaged hair with our wise words of wisdom. Because we know that there is more to life than hair, but’s it a good place to start.