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Ingredient safety of our hair care products


Everything we do at Aussie HQ is focused on making sure you have the most enjoyable product experience possible, and that begins with safety.

Our four-step process ensures your safety when using any of our amazing Aussie hair products.

Step 1

The number one question we ask ourselves here at Aussie HQ is whether the ingredient is safe to use.

Before any ingredient goes into our shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments, we gather all the relevant safety and toxicity information on the ingredient. If we have any doubts about an ingredient's potential to cause you harm then we won’t use it, full stop.

Step 2

Do ingredient due diligence – Set a SAFE RANGE:

After we look at the safety data on the ingredient, the next big question we ask is what the safe range for the ingredient is. The safe range defines how much of the ingredient is actually safe for you to use throughout your life. We work to determine a safe range for each and every ingredient, based on a similar process many regulatory agencies and scientific groups use to ensure safety.
This includes groups like the European Union Commission, the World Health Organization and the National Academy of Sciences - wowza!

Step 3

Determine the entire product formula:

While an ingredient might be safe by itself, we also evaluate the safety of our hair products when we have a mixture of ingredients to confirm their use is not going to cause any unexpected skin or eye irritation. If we can’t conclude that the product formula is safe, rest assured it won’t make it to your shower. We will either reformulate or we won’t launch the product.
In fact - we have more than 500 scientists and professionals working behind the scenes who go above and beyond to make sure our products meet all safety and regulatory requirements!

Step 4

Track and monitor relentlessly

Once our new amazing Aussie products have launched (and you have them in your bathroom!), we continuously monitor your comments about our products. You deserve the best – and that means we continue listening to you about how we can continually improve!