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How to keep dyed hair healthy


Freshly coloured tresses look and feel their best post salon or home-treatment, but how do you maintain those luscious locks in between colour sessions? For the lowdown on how to keep dyed hair healthy, keep reading...

Healthy hair has a natural shine, is able to hold colour longer and is the backbone of radiant hues. So, if you want to know how to keep dyed hair healthy to reap those benefits, we have just the tips and tricks that’ll help.

Taking care of dyed hair

You might not realise it, but hair habits play a big role in the overall condition of tresses. So, how to keep your hair healthy after dying it relies heavily on adjusting habits that could rob hair of colour, moisture and nutrients. Here are a few of the main culprits that lead to dull hair and colour loss…

  • Heat styling.
    Use a heat protectant to reduce the impact of heat styling tools on coloured hair. SOS Heat Saviour Conditioning Spray is designed to restore moisture to dry tresses, while protecting against damage caused by heat styling tools. Instantly smooth and protect hair and those hues with a spritz before you style. Another trick’s to dial down the heat on straighteners, curling tongs and your hair dryer. You’ll get the same beautiful style minus the damage and dullness.

  • Skipping conditioner.
    If you’re in camp ‘conditioner’s not necessary’ think again. Conditioner’s a key component in taking care of dyed hair so colour lasts longer between treatments. Why? Because well nourished, moisturised hair retains colour and reflects light. When hair’s dry and damaged, it looks dull and feels coarse. That’s because the cuticle layers on each strand are lifted, which means the layer protecting colour and moisture is compromised. The solution? Wrap your hands, then those tresses around a deep treatment, stat! Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour Mate’s just the thing, infused with Australian Wild Peach Extract, it’s formulated to help repair and protect your mane for more vibrant hues. A-mazing results and it smells like an Aussie dream!

  • UV damage.
    Basking in the sun seems harmless and we all love a dose of Vitamin D, but overexposure to UV light’s a contributor to colour fade. So, if you want a colour that shine’s brighter than the sun, make sure you protect your hair from it! A hat, or using a hair oil (like Aussie’s 3 Miracle Reconstructor Oil) can help colour last longer.

Knowing how to keep dyed hair healthy can save you money and save those tresses, so make sure you have the essentials. Aussie Colour Mate collection’s the Aussie mate that’ll help protect those precious hues between colour treatments. Combined with the above, you’ll begin to notice longer-lasting colour. Better for your hair and your wallet…

Aussie Sos Blonde Hydration Purple Shampoo


Blonde hair SOS? Don't panic, we’re throwing you an Aussie lifeline.

This kick (br)ass purple shampoo neutralises brassy, yellow tones to leave blonde hair boosted, hydrated and bright!

Blonde Hydration Purple Shampoo

How to take care of dyed blonde hair

While all colours are prone to fade or dryness without proper care, there are a few precautions reserved for blondes to keep those highlights bright and brass-free…

  • Use a purple shampoo.
    Alternate your everyday shampoo with a purple shampoo to maintain cool undertones and reduce brassiness. Purple shampoo works to colour-correct blonde tones and rid hair of brass, orange or warm tones picked up from everyday things like showering, pollution and sun exposure. If your hair has naturally warm undertones, you may notice a brassy look to your blonde quicker than those with cooler undertones. But it’s nothing a good purple shampoo can’t fix! We’ve put together a blonde-hair guide dedicated to getting rid of brassy hair and you might want to check out Aussie Blonde Hydration Purple Shampoo!

  • Protect hair from chlorinated water.
    If swimming’s part of your fitness routine, make sure your hair’s protected each time you swim. Using a cap or coating hair with conditioner or oil can help to protect tresses and reduce colour fade and dryness. If you’re a blonde beauty, you’ll notice that your hair can turn green after a swim in chlorinated water. But did you know it’s actually copper sulphate used in pools to control algae, not the chlorine itself? When the copper’s mixed with chlorine, it turns green and it’s these particles that lodge in hair to change its colour. So, swim cap in the short term to protect colour in the long term!

  • Give hair a moisture boost.
    The process blonde hair withstands to get that beachy look’s harsh on strands and can cause dryness and dullness. Post salon or home bleach session, make sure you replenish moisture and smooth the hair’s cuticle layer with intensely hydrating hair masks and treatments. Aussie Colour Glow Hair Mask & Cap’s infused with Australian Wild Peach Kernels to condition hair, reviving colour and shine. Use more often if your hair feels really dry and coarse and, if you have the time to spare, leave it in for a few hours before rinsing out. Before styling those blonde tresses, spritz with Scent-sational Conditioning Mist: Shine to nourish, protect and add shine. And the best part? The delicious scent gives hair a 48-hour fragrance that’ll have heads turning for all the right reasons. Aussome!

For more on haircare for coloured tresses, take a look at our guide on whether dying hair damages it or read up on how to look after bleached hair.