The Aussie Story

A is for Aussie. Which is short for Australia, the birthplace of our brand and the inspiration behind everything we do. It was in Australia that our award-winning 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioning Treatment was invented and we are proud of our Aussie roots.

Oh Australia. Land of sea, surf, sun and adventure. Also the driest continent on earth and home to some of the most diverse, and naturally potent botanicals that miraculously thrive despite the harsh environments. We’ve bottled these beauties together with our unique conditioning blend since 1979 to create a collection of hair miracles for you. Our award-winning 3 Minute Miracle range will nourish and condition your hair in no time, making it as bouncy as a wallaby gone walkabout.

While you know we can work miracles on your hair - our planet needs some serious TLC too. This aussome ball of rock, water and life that provides the ingredients which make up our collection of hair miracles. That’s why sustainability is important to us.

So, to look after this place we call home - there’s a few things we want to commit to as well as fixing your hair:

  • Cruelty free PETA certified products. Kangaroos, Koalas – we love them and wouldn’t dream of testing on them or any other of our furry friends. Our range is full of cruelty free hair products that are cruelty-free certified by PETA.

  • Environmental sustainability. We use traditional indigenous farming methods and hand harvesting where possible – it’s a better way of growing which is better for us. We also encourage pesticide free farming.

  • Greener manufacturing methods. Great hair shouldn’t cost the planet so we strive for our manufacturing to be greener with some plants offsetting their usage of electricity with renewable wind energy purchase.

  • Our bottles. These miracle packed wonders are recycled AND recyclable – ensuring even they do their bit. That’s right, every beige bottle contains 25% recycled plastic and is recyclable. So, continue the cycle and recycle!

  • Water efficiency. Swim in it, surf in it, wash your hair in it – we couldn’t do without it – so we strive to be as efficient as possible and we’re also creating more waterless products - like our Dry Shampoo that can be used shower free and on the go. You can do your bit too – by cutting down on shower time and turning off the tap while you lather – after all every drop counts. So, cut your shower time as one of the ways to save water.

From the Australian wild to your bathroom… great hair, no worries.