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Help Australia


Our hearts are breaking for Australia, the birthplace of our brand whose nature and animals we love, and the devastation the bushfires are causing to the land, homes, communities and wildlife there.

Fires in Australia & Aussie’s immediate response

Australian bushfires earlier this year destroyed more than 17 million hectares of land and caused devastation to homes, communities and wildlife there. As a brand born in Australia, the immense scale of the catastrophe was our immediate call to action.

As an immediate response we provided relief through a donation of AUD $150,000 shared between WIRES Wildlife Rescue and WWF-Australia so they had the means to continue their amazing work supporting communities and wildlife.

Australian bushfires: our partnership to protect Australian wildlife

Beyond this donation we pledged our commitment to continue supporting these efforts in the aftermath of the bushfires. Earlier in 2020, we partnered with WWF to donate 100% of profits from our SOS collection until May 6th to the WWF Bushfire Relief Fund. These donations went towards the planting of trees and the restoration of wildlife habitats which had been devastated by the bushfires.

We are proud of the work we’ve done so far for Australian wildlife, but we pledge to do more: to continue our brilliant ongoing partnership with WWF, to help restore natural habitats destroyed in the bushfire crisis, and to support recovery efforts in the place we call home.

Nourishment for your hair, nourishment for the animals

To further support the rehabilitation of our native bushland that was destroyed by the devastating bushfires, we will continue partnering with WWF to help restore over 100,000sq metres of land directly through donations from your purchases of our Aussie SOS Save My Lengths Range.

From 28th July*, Aussie will donate £1 from every vegan jar mask within the Aussie Save My Lengths range sold in Tesco to WWF. This will support Australian bushfire recovery as part of our ongoing commitment to help conserve Australia’s wildlife. Strewth!

An image of Aussie SOS Supercharged Moisture Hair Mask bottleAn image of Aussie SOS Supercharged Repair Hair Mask package

Helping koalas with WWF

Working closely with WWF, the money from sales will be going towards habitat restoration and connectivity works in priority areas for koalas. In the Coffs Harbour region in the heart of the ‘Koala Triangle’, Aussie’s donation will help to restore this area of bushfire damage. Key activities include planting 1,500 native trees to increase vegetation to support the local wildlife, as well as removing invasive vegetation and other plants that block koalas and other species accessing food. This vital activity will be carried out in four key sites across critical regions to help save the koalas.

Find out more about WWF’s work to restore nature after the Australian bushfires:

*From 28th July to 8th September 2021, Aussie will donate £1 per jar mask sold in Tesco or Tesco - Supermarkets | Online Groceries, Clubcard & Recipes to WWF-UK, registered charity in England and Wales (1081247) Scotland (SC039593) to restore 1m² of wildlife habitat in Australia. A minimum of £100,000 will be donated to WWF-UK and a minimum of 100,000m² of habitat restored as a result of promotions from July 2021 to June 2022.