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  • Turn Up The Curl Mousse

    Curl without crunch, and gleam like a dream.

    Our styling mousse with Wild Cherry Bark extract will leave your hair with the fragrance of Summer (so an outback campfire favorite).

  • Shine Bright Tonight Hairspray

    Put hair firmly in its (super-shiny) place.

    Sometimes your hair needs to make a big statement. But forget heavy-handed hairsprays that leave you motionless. You want a hairspray that puts your do firmly in its place and still lets it shimmer and shine like a diamond.

  • Uplift Your Hair Mousse

    Dial volume up and down without the crunch.

    You know those friends who stick with you from dusk to dawn, and make you feel great along the way? Well, our special Styling Mousse is your New BF. Giving your hair a long-lasting volume boost with the help of the rich mousse, containing seaweed extract Australian Sea Kelp, it will be kind and loyal right to the ends.

  • Uplift Your Hair Hairspray

    Feel the love for big hair.

    A Hairspray that keeps big hair from breaking free can’t be kind to your mane, right? Wrong. The Australian Sea Kelp extract in our lovely formula is taken from a seaweed believed to have skin-softening qualities. So your ‘do’ won’t be shifted by a breeze, but it’ll brush out like one.

  • Dual Personality Anti Frizz Conditioning Milk

    A quick-fix spritz for naughty frizz.

    Control freak? Aussie Dual Personality Anti-Frizz + Conditioning Milk styling formula, helps bring flyaways back into line – without getting heavy. Finally, gasp with astonishment as your moisturized hair does what you tell it, for once. The conditioner contains Sea Kelp that is also known as Fucus Vesiculosis. It is a nutrient –rich seaweed and was believed to have skin-softening qualities.

  • Work That Curl Serum

    Work That Curl Serum

    With Australian Jojoba Seed Oil

    Wake up bed-head curls with the softly softly approach. Bounce and go.

    There’s a fine line between beautiful bouncy curls and the rusty bedspring look. Think of our finishing formula as that first perfect coffee of the morning. It will kick-start your curls and set them up for the day.

    0% Parabens & Colourants

  • Miracle Beach Waves

    Holiday hair without the sand, oh happy days.

    Spray For All Hair Types 150ml

    Love that fresh-off-the-beach look but you’re miles from the sea? No problem-o dudette. Aussie Miracle Beach Waves spray, will give you a matt, textured, tousled style for hair that looks like it’s straight off the beach and been surfing on a sea-breeze. (How very Aussie!). If only you could catch a wave instead of a bus. It contains Sea Kelp extract that was also known as Fucus Vesiculosis. It is a nutrient-rich seaweed and was believed to have skin-softening qualities.