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  • Scent-sational Smooth Shampoo

    For frizzy, “please behave” hair.

    Take unruly hair by the reins and show it who's boss! For smooth and smelly (in a good way) hair that lasts day to night - whatever you get up to.

    0% Parabens & Colourants

  • Pure Locks Shampoo

    Everyday stuff like pollution, heat and product build-up can stand in the way of perfect hair. Our super-light miraculous shampoo with Kakadu Plum (A miracle fruit, native to Oz and full of antioxidants), gently helps de-stress locks, leaving them purified, shiny and rejuvenated. Hair worries be gone!

    0% Silicone

    0% Colorants

    0% Paraben

  • Miracle Moist Shampoo

    For dry, really thirsty hair.

    Quench your hair's thirst with our moisture infusing shampoo, with Australian Macadamia nut oil.

    Native to the land down under, the Macadamia nut has been used in Australia for centuries for its moisturising properties. But thanks to an intrepid 19th century explorer (who luckily for us didn't get lost in The Outback), the rest of the world was let in on the secret. Cheers dude!

    0% Silicone

    0% Paraben

  • Mega Shampoo

    For everyday cleaning that's not so everyday.

    Bounce, bounce, c'mon bounce! This daily shampoo, with Kangaroo Paw Flower extract, rinses clean to leave you with beautiful, shiny hair that's full guessed it....bounce! The Kangaroo Paw flower is so named because it really does look like a little 'roo's paw - funny that! So every time you wash your hair with our shampoo, imagine hundreds of tiny kangaroos gently caressing your hair into beautiful bouncy wonderfulness.

    0% Silicone

  • Colour Mate Shampoo

    For vibrant, coloured hair that refuses to be dull.

    You've got your colour looking fantabulous, so the last thing you want is for it to fade. Our special shampoo, with Australian Wild Peach extract, gently cleanses to help protect coloured hair so it can stay as vibrant as you.

    The indigenous Australians used to ground wild peach kernels to condition their hair. Clearly they were way ahead of their time, as we're using it hundreds of years later! Great minds and all that!

    0% Silicone

    0% Colorants

    0% Paraben

  • Repair Miracle Shampoo

    For damaged “Rescue Me!” hair.

    Uh oh. Hair on its last legs? Don't panic! Our special formula, with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Avocado Oil, will breathe life back into dry, damaged hair. The magical combination of our super nourishing shampoo will transform even the most lifeless hair into soft, shiny, luscious locks. Boom!

    0% Silicone

    0% Paraben

  • Stop The Break Shampoo

    You should smoulder, not your hair.

    With Aussie Shampoo Stop The Break, say goodbye to break-ups and hello to gorgeous hair. This baby lets you style, tease and tong – all day long! Fire up those hair dryers. Turn up the tongs. Don’t be afraid. Be protected by Aussie's unique formula, with Jojoba-seed oil extract. It’s like your knight in shining armour (and a nice smelling one, too!). Go on. Style till your heart’s content. And till your hair looks Aussie-fabulous.

    0% Colorants

    0% Paraben

  • Miracle Nourish Shampoo

    For hair that wants long-term commitment.

    Hug in a bottle? Head this way. Our Blue Mountain Blend is a fabulous concoction of Eucalyptus extracts. Jam-packed with goodness, our shampoo formula nourishes and protects, giving your hair the love it deserves! Aww, how sweet.

    0% Silicone

    0% Paraben

  • Miracle Shine Shampoo

    For dull hair that’s begging to shine.

    Move over dull, this hair's born to shine! Inspired by ancient Aussie beauty secrets, we used extracts of Australian Ginseng and Pearl Powder to create this special shine shampoo that'll get hair shim shimmering everywhere it goes. Pearls sparkle (obvs) and Ginseng is known for its super revitalising properties.

    0% Colorants

    0% Paraben

  • Aussome Volume Shampoo

    For fine, flat hair that needs a little lift.

    Big up your hair! Our lightweight formula shampoo, with extract of Australian Hops, leaves hair perfectly clean, giving you the kind of body that'll have you bouncing around in front of the mirror (or is that just us?).

    And in case you're wondering about the beer stuff, it's believed that the proteins in the hops coats hair and help build it up. But don't worry, the only thing that'll make you giddy is the amazing smell!

    0% Silicone

  • Frizz Fixer Shampoo

    For unruly, frizzy, "Please Behave" hair.

    Take frizz by the reins and show it who's boss! Our shampoo formula, with extract of Australian Blue Gum Leaves, helps you take control of your locks, leaving you with smooth, luscious hair. Okay, so gum's not something you usually want to hear in the same sentence as hair but our formula, with these little beauties from the Australian Eucalyptus tree (known for its soothing properties), works wonders in putting frizz back in its place.

    0% Silicone

    0% Paraben

  • Beach Mate Shampoo

    For hair that's had too much fun in the sun.

    Even though beach makes you feel like a bronzed love goddess, it can leave your hair a bit parched. Then Aussie post-beach pick-me-up Beach Mate shampoo is like a spring, er, summer clean for hair that needs a moisture recharge. It contains Australia Macadamia Nut oil, rich in oils, and has been used in Australia for centuries. And it would have stayed their little secret if it hadn't been for, an intrepid 19th century explorer who schlepped half way across the world and brought it back for the rest of us. What a guy.

    0% Silicone

    0% Paraben

  • Winter Miracle Limited Edition Shampoo

    For winter hair that wants to shine!

    It's a miracle (well kind of). Not like child birth or solar eclipse, but our Aussie shampoo Winter Miracle formula, with Australian Ginseng extract and Pearl Powder, will make you hair go from dull to delightfully shiny in minutes. No more hiding your light under a bushel. Or your hair under a hat (unless it’s really, really cold, in which case that’s OK).

    0% Colorants

    0% Paraben

  • Wash + Blow Kool Kiwi Berry Dry Shampoo

    The no-show spray for show-stopping hair.

    A fresh hair do in a can? Can do!
    This lightweight dry shampoo is perfect for rushing about but looking kool. Plus it visibly leaves nothing behind but berry beautiful hair.

  • Wash + Blow Boost Me Up Dry Shampoo

    Stay big and bouncy in-between washes.

    A fresh hair do in a can? Can do!
    This lightweight dry shampoo packs a punch. Added oomph. Check. Extra volume. Check. Visibly nothing left behind. Check (not that you need to).

  • Wash + Blow Peach Fusion Dry Shampoo

    The no-show between-wash boost.

    A fresh hair do in a can? Can do! This lightweight dry shampoo makes your locks look juicy even if you miss a wash (or two). Peachy smell will make you fall for this dry shampoo!

  • Wash + Blow Clean Supreme Dry Shampoo

    Cleanse and refresh, leaving you… well, festival fresh

    A fresh hair do in a can? Can do!
    Our thorough grease-eliminating dry shampoo is lightweight and untraceable. Weighed down with hair worries? Not me.

  • Wash + Blow Tropical Punch Dry Shampoo

    Give you a flowery burst of just-washed gorgeousness and fragrance.

    A fresh hair do in a can? Can do!
    This lightweight dry shampoo smells of summer and works like a dream. So forget white residue and dull days. It’s holiday time for your hair.

  • Wash + Blow Sweet Escape Dry Shampoo

    Give your hair a shower-free blast of gorgeousness

    A fresh hair do in a can? Can do!
    This luscious lightweight dry shampoo leaves no evidence that you’ve missed a hair wash – or two. So life is sweet again.

  • Keep It Strong Shampoo

    Takes hair from brittle to buff.

    Takes hair from brittle to buff. Our (hair) boot camp gets results. Reformulated for Men with Australian Manuka Honey.

  • Keep It Clean Shampoo

    Now now hair, time to freshen up your act.

    Now now hair, time to freshen up your act. Clean hair, clean mind...right? Reformulated for Men with Australian Desert Lime.

  • Keep It Thick Shampoo

    Pump up the volume. Give your hair some oomph.

    Pump up the volume. Give your hair some oomph. Reformulated for Men with Australian Ginger Extract.

  • Calm the Frizz Shampoo

    Frizzy hair needing a ‘calm-me-down’? Grab Aussie Calm the Frizz Shampoo. This anti-frizz shampoo turns unruly hair to noticeably luscious locks. With Australian Hemp seed oil formula for frizzy hair that needs to chill. Say bye bye to frizz and hello to hair that’s so good it should be illegal.

    A is for Aussie… which is short for Australia… the birthplace of our brand… the origins of our botanical ingredients, the inspiration behind our attitude to life and our award-winning hair products that leave you with hair that looks and smells gorgeous.

    This beige bottle contains 25% recycled plastic and is recyclable. Please recycle it!