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The science people (serious face) tell us that our formula with Wild Cherry Bark extracts helps your hair look amazingly bouncy and shiny. It smells good enough to eat too! But we’re not suggesting you should slurp it up – that would be seriously barking.

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28 Mar, 2019


*** Curly Girl Hero Product *** Definition and shine without the sticky feeling. What else does a curly girl need? This may be the perfect mousse.

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Waterford, Ireland
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03 Apr, 2016

Perfect curls!

I have searched for such a long time to find a mouse that is non-sticky, does not goes hard or gives me a headache........ this curl and shine from Aussie is the only product I can use. It is perfect. I am devastated that I can no longer purchase it. Please do not dis-continue this product, there is no other product like it on the market.

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Glasgow, Glasgow City, UK
30 Sep, 2015

The best product - as per previous comments - PLEASE PLEASE bring it back!

This is the only product - and I have tried many! - that truly leaves my frizz tamed but curls natural, and that I don't react to.I think I have bought up the last supplies where I live and cannot find it anywhere! My hair has not been the same since my supplies ran out - please bring it back!

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Birmingham, West Midlands, UK
29 May, 2015


As per previous comment I am having difficulty purchasing it as well.

Yes, I recommend this product

29 Mar, 2015

Why can I no longer buy this wonderful product? Please bring it back!

This is a natural hold product that really does what it says on the tin. Natural hols for curls without and stickiness of stiffness. Why have you got rid of it? I am gutted and have just finished my last one. The alternatives in your range don't match it. Please bring it back or find me some old stock to buy up. I have a cupboard full of failures. Curl and shine us the product for me. Help!

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Ottawa, ON
18 Jul, 2013

Great product, bottle defective

I really enjoyed the product however, i have purchased 3 so far, and each time i am not able to get to use the whole bottle. the pressure goes away and the mouse does not come out. it is frustrating when we pay for a full bottle, really enjoy the product and it just doesn't last.

No, I don't recommend this product

England, UK
08 Feb, 2013

This product has the most amazing fragrance

I utterly love this product; after losing all hope and faith in other brands which make products of similar claims, I came across Aussie Curl Defining and Shine Mousse which has stolen my heart. It does what it says on the bottle. My natural curls are very defiant and very frizzy, but this little beauty sorted that out, and my hair looked so shiny. I have purchased my third bottle now, but it lasts ages. Strongly recommend this to anyone with natural curls or even styled curls. The huge bonus about this beauty is it smells heavenly!!

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Worcestershire, UK
13 Sep, 2015

Best product in the world for taming curly locks and removing frizz....why have you stopped making it!!!

After years of trying to tame my hair this was the only product that left me with curls and not frizz. It also smelt great which was a bonus. Like your other reviewers I would often have to shop around but I could always buy it eventually and like them would stock up. But now I find I can't buy it and everyone keeps on asking why my hair looks messy! Nothing else works as well. I have found today I can bulk buy on Amazon but it would be great if you could bring it back as I know this is only a short term solution.

Yes, I recommend this product

Oxford, Oxford, UK
11 Nov, 2014

Used to love this product, but it's changed

I used to absolutely love this product. It was the only thing that tamed my frizz and curls and I'd scour Superdrug stores in the UK as very limited shops stocked it. When I did find it I'd buy in bulk. HOWEVER, I bought a load recently and discovered the formula has changed drastically and it's now much heavier and stickier. It's awful. Luckily I still had one of the previous batch of cans in my cupboard so I've been able to do a compare and contrast. It's definitely changed. I'm so disappointed. I will have to find something else that works for my hair. Why did you change it Aussie!?!?

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