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  • 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Fixer

    Frizz-free in 3? Not a myth… it’s a miracle.

    Have frizz quaking at the knees with our special deep treatment, with extract of Aloe Vera and Australian Jojoba Seed oil, to help replenish moisture and tame your tresses. So now you can be the master of your hair once again. The magical Aloe is well known for its soothing properties, and the oil from Jojoba seeds was used for centuries by indigenous Australians to condition hair. Feel the power!

    0% Paraben

  • Mega Shampoo

    For everyday cleaning that's not so everyday.

    Bounce, bounce, c'mon bounce! This daily shampoo, with Kangaroo Paw Flower extract, rinses clean to leave you with beautiful, shiny hair that's full guessed it....bounce! The Kangaroo Paw flower is so named because it really does look like a little 'roo's paw - funny that! So every time you wash your hair with our shampoo, imagine hundreds of tiny kangaroos gently caressing your hair into beautiful bouncy wonderfulness.

    0% Silicone

  • Frizz Fixer Shampoo

    For unruly, frizzy, "Please Behave" hair.

    Take frizz by the reins and show it who's boss! Our shampoo formula, with extract of Australian Blue Gum Leaves, helps you take control of your locks, leaving you with smooth, luscious hair. Okay, so gum's not something you usually want to hear in the same sentence as hair but our formula, with these little beauties from the Australian Eucalyptus tree (known for its soothing properties), works wonders in putting frizz back in its place.

    0% Silicone

    0% Paraben

  • Frizz Fixer Conditioner

    From static erratic to sleek and silky. WIN.

    Argh! Feel like your frizz is out of control? Don't you worry, we've got just the thing to whip it into shape. Our conditioner formula, with extract of Australian Blue Gum leaves, will help smoothen flyaways and help control even the unruliest hair. Australian Blue Gum leaves come from the Australian Eucalyptus tree. Our formula is believed to possess magical soothing properties. Your frizz won't know what's hit it. Boom!

    0% Paraben

  • Wash + Blow Kool Kiwi Berry Dry Shampoo

    The no-show spray for show-stopping hair.

    A fresh hair do in a can? Can do!
    This lightweight dry shampoo is perfect for rushing about but looking kool. Plus it visibly leaves nothing behind but berry beautiful hair.

  • Turn Up The Curl Mousse

    Curl without crunch, and gleam like a dream.

    Our styling mousse with Wild Cherry Bark extract will leave your hair with the fragrance of Summer (so an outback campfire favorite).

  • Dual Personality Anti Frizz Conditioning Milk

    A quick-fix spritz for naughty frizz.

    Control freak? Aussie Dual Personality Anti-Frizz + Conditioning Milk styling formula, helps bring flyaways back into line – without getting heavy. Finally, gasp with astonishment as your moisturized hair does what you tell it, for once. The conditioner contains Sea Kelp that is also known as Fucus Vesiculosis. It is a nutrient –rich seaweed and was believed to have skin-softening qualities.

  • Work That Curl Serum

    Work That Curl Serum

    With Australian Jojoba Seed Oil

    Wake up bed-head curls with the softly softly approach. Bounce and go.

    There’s a fine line between beautiful bouncy curls and the rusty bedspring look. Think of our finishing formula as that first perfect coffee of the morning. It will kick-start your curls and set them up for the day.

    0% Parabens & Colourants

  • Miracle Beach Waves

    Holiday hair without the sand, oh happy days.

    Spray For All Hair Types 150ml

    Love that fresh-off-the-beach look but you’re miles from the sea? No problem-o dudette. Aussie Miracle Beach Waves spray, will give you a matt, textured, tousled style for hair that looks like it’s straight off the beach and been surfing on a sea-breeze. (How very Aussie!). If only you could catch a wave instead of a bus. It contains Sea Kelp extract that was also known as Fucus Vesiculosis. It is a nutrient-rich seaweed and was believed to have skin-softening qualities.

  • Keep It Clean Shampoo

    Now now hair, time to freshen up your act.

    Now now hair, time to freshen up your act. Clean hair, clean mind...right? Reformulated for Men with Australian Desert Lime.