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  • 3 Minute Miracle Pure Locks

    Need a mini-break? Give your hair a holiday with our conditioner - a miraculous formula with Kakadu Plum, native to Oz and full of antioxidants, what a treat! Joie de vivre in a bottle, this gentle miracle worker will restore a healthy glow in a matter of minutes. Job done. Aussome Ingredients : With Australian Kakadu Plum, a miracle fruit, native to Oz and full of antioxidants.

    0% Colorants

    0% Paraben

  • Pure Locks Shampoo

    Everyday stuff like pollution, heat and product build-up can stand in the way of perfect hair. Our super-light miraculous shampoo with Kakadu Plum (A miracle fruit, native to Oz and full of antioxidants), gently helps de-stress locks, leaving them purified, shiny and rejuvenated. Hair worries be gone!

    0% Silicone

    0% Colorants

    0% Paraben

  • Mega Shampoo

    For everyday cleaning that's not so everyday.

    Bounce, bounce, c'mon bounce! This daily shampoo, with Kangaroo Paw Flower extract, rinses clean to leave you with beautiful, shiny hair that's full guessed it....bounce! The Kangaroo Paw flower is so named because it really does look like a little 'roo's paw - funny that! So every time you wash your hair with our shampoo, imagine hundreds of tiny kangaroos gently caressing your hair into beautiful bouncy wonderfulness.

    0% Silicone

  • Aussome Volume Shampoo

    For fine, flat hair that needs a little lift.

    Big up your hair! Our lightweight formula shampoo, with extract of Australian Hops, leaves hair perfectly clean, giving you the kind of body that'll have you bouncing around in front of the mirror (or is that just us?).

    And in case you're wondering about the beer stuff, it's believed that the proteins in the hops coats hair and help build it up. But don't worry, the only thing that'll make you giddy is the amazing smell!

    0% Silicone

  • Pure Locks Conditioner

    Our oh-so-gentle light conditioner couldn’t be more generous if it tried. Its miraculous formula combats stress from heat, pollution and does not cause product build up, helping even the finest hair feel full, fabulous and far from flat. And this one is a beauty, with Kakadu Plum (A miracle fruit, native to Oz and full of antioxidants)

    0% Colorants

    0% Paraben

  • Mega Conditioner

    Build-up? Nah. Bouncy, shiny, healthy hair? Yep.

    Woaahhh! This may be for everyday conditioning, but it's no everyday conditioning! Oh no. Our conditioner formula, which contains Australian Kangaroo Paw Flower extract (it's brilliant stuff), makes your hair soft and shiny without weighing it down, so all you're left with is plenty of bounce. Why's it called the Kangaroo Paw Flower? looks like one!

  • Aussome Volume Conditioner

    Lightweight and uplifting for va-va-volume.

    Some say bigger is better. So bring on the big hair with our lightweight conditioner formula, with extract of Australian Hops, to leave hair perfectly conditioned and full of body (I feel a hair flick coming on!).

    We know it might sound a bit odd to provide your hair with beer ingredients, but trust us, it's believed that the proteins they contain coat hair and help build it up. Will I smell like a brewery you wonder?! Come on - this is Aussie!!!

    0% Colorants

    0% Paraben

  • Pure Locks Moisture Foam Conditioner

    This seriously light foam conditioner is a girl’s best friend. This moisturizing hair miracle, with Caviar Lime extract, a precious ingredient from Australia (proud nod), will give you lift-off, not a crash landing.

    0% Colorants

  • Pure Locks Volume Foam Conditioner

    Fine-haired girls appreciate the finer things in life - and this is one of them. An ultra-light foam conditioner that is as gentle as a feather. This magic formula (with Kakadu Plum - another Aussie miracle) will keep the finest of hair feeling full and conditioned. Pure Magic indeed.

    0% Colorants

  • Pure Locks Conditioning Spray

    This one’s a keeper. A leave-in (or ‘love-in’) conditioning hair spray that protects your crowning glory from everyday stress and styling damage, and nourishes too. What's not to love?

  • Wash + Blow Boost Me Up Dry Shampoo

    Stay big and bouncy in-between washes.

    A fresh hair do in a can? Can do!
    This lightweight dry shampoo packs a punch. Added oomph. Check. Extra volume. Check. Visibly nothing left behind. Check (not that you need to).

  • Wash + Blow Clean Supreme Dry Shampoo

    Cleanse and refresh, leaving you… well, festival fresh

    A fresh hair do in a can? Can do!
    Our thorough grease-eliminating dry shampoo is lightweight and untraceable. Weighed down with hair worries? Not me.

  • Wash + Blow Tropical Punch Dry Shampoo

    Give you a flowery burst of just-washed gorgeousness and fragrance.

    A fresh hair do in a can? Can do!
    This lightweight dry shampoo smells of summer and works like a dream. So forget white residue and dull days. It’s holiday time for your hair.

  • Wash + Blow Sweet Escape Dry Shampoo

    Give your hair a shower-free blast of gorgeousness

    A fresh hair do in a can? Can do!
    This luscious lightweight dry shampoo leaves no evidence that you’ve missed a hair wash – or two. So life is sweet again.

  • Uplift Your Hair Mousse

    Dial volume up and down without the crunch.

    You know those friends who stick with you from dusk to dawn, and make you feel great along the way? Well, our special Styling Mousse is your New BF. Giving your hair a long-lasting volume boost with the help of the rich mousse, containing seaweed extract Australian Sea Kelp, it will be kind and loyal right to the ends.

  • Uplift Your Hair Hairspray

    Feel the love for big hair.

    A Hairspray that keeps big hair from breaking free can’t be kind to your mane, right? Wrong. The Australian Sea Kelp extract in our lovely formula is taken from a seaweed believed to have skin-softening qualities. So your ‘do’ won’t be shifted by a breeze, but it’ll brush out like one.

  • Miracle Beach Waves

    Holiday hair without the sand, oh happy days.

    Spray For All Hair Types 150ml

    Love that fresh-off-the-beach look but you’re miles from the sea? No problem-o dudette. Aussie Miracle Beach Waves spray, will give you a matt, textured, tousled style for hair that looks like it’s straight off the beach and been surfing on a sea-breeze. (How very Aussie!). If only you could catch a wave instead of a bus. It contains Sea Kelp extract that was also known as Fucus Vesiculosis. It is a nutrient-rich seaweed and was believed to have skin-softening qualities.

  • Keep It Clean Shampoo

    Now now hair, time to freshen up your act.

    Now now hair, time to freshen up your act. Clean hair, clean mind...right? Reformulated for Men with Australian Desert Lime.