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  • 3 Minute Miracle Pure Locks

    Need a mini-break? Give your hair a holiday with our conditioner - a miraculous formula with Kakadu Plum, native to Oz and full of antioxidants, what a treat! Joie de vivre in a bottle, this gentle miracle worker will restore a healthy glow in a matter of minutes. Job done. Aussome Ingredients : With Australian Kakadu Plum, a miracle fruit, native to Oz and full of antioxidants.

    0% Colorants

    0% Paraben

  • Pure Locks Shampoo

    Everyday stuff like pollution, heat and product build-up can stand in the way of perfect hair. Our super-light miraculous shampoo with Kakadu Plum (A miracle fruit, native to Oz and full of antioxidants), gently helps de-stress locks, leaving them purified, shiny and rejuvenated. Hair worries be gone!

    0% Silicone

    0% Colorants

    0% Paraben

  • Pure Locks Conditioner

    Our oh-so-gentle light conditioner couldn’t be more generous if it tried. Its miraculous formula combats stress from heat, pollution and does not cause product build up, helping even the finest hair feel full, fabulous and far from flat. And this one is a beauty, with Kakadu Plum (A miracle fruit, native to Oz and full of antioxidants)

    0% Colorants

    0% Paraben

  • Pure Locks Moisture Foam Conditioner

    This seriously light foam conditioner is a girl’s best friend. This moisturizing hair miracle, with Caviar Lime extract, a precious ingredient from Australia (proud nod), will give you lift-off, not a crash landing.

    0% Colorants

  • Pure Locks Volume Foam Conditioner

    Fine-haired girls appreciate the finer things in life - and this is one of them. An ultra-light foam conditioner that is as gentle as a feather. This magic formula (with Kakadu Plum - another Aussie miracle) will keep the finest of hair feeling full and conditioned. Pure Magic indeed.

    0% Colorants

  • Pure Locks Conditioning Spray

    This one’s a keeper. A leave-in (or ‘love-in’) conditioning hair spray that protects your crowning glory from everyday stress and styling damage, and nourishes too. What's not to love?

  • Work That Curl Serum

    Work That Curl Serum

    With Australian Jojoba Seed Oil

    Wake up bed-head curls with the softly softly approach. Bounce and go.

    There’s a fine line between beautiful bouncy curls and the rusty bedspring look. Think of our finishing formula as that first perfect coffee of the morning. It will kick-start your curls and set them up for the day.

    0% Parabens & Colourants