Aussome Ingredients

Ever seen a koala with frizz? Exactly.

Our formula with Blue Gum Leaves from the Australian Eucalyptus tree (known for its magical soothing properties) works wonders in putting frizz back in its place.

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3.8/5 (5)
60% of reviewers recommend this product

04 Sep, 2014

Saves me

I have spent the last 27 years trying to find a product to control, what my friends affectionately call my 'Mane of Hair'. Not only is my hair thick as a lion's mane but it is also insanely frizzy.I did everything I could to tame it and failed right up until last year when I stated using Frizz Miracle shampoo, Conditioner and three minute miracle. Now my hair is so thick that I can use the three minute miracle AND the conditioner at the same time in order to get control.Used in conjuction with The Dual Personality Curl Definition and Soft Feel Serum and the Dual Personality Anti-Frizz and Conditioning Milk I finally, for the first time in DECADES, have control of my hair.

Yes, I recommend this product

02 Dec, 2013

Tame it down

This keeps my hair very tame and stops it from being so frizzy. I would recommend it.

Yes, I recommend this product

Groningen, The Netherlands
02 May, 2013

My hair is pretty much tamed

I would definitely recommend this product to people with wild, uncontrollable hair, like me. It just makes it calmer, without making it heavy. Plus it smells like melon or something, really nice.

Yes, I recommend this product

04 Oct, 2016

Maybe for people with very very frizzy hair...

After several uses the hair became rough and dry. Frizz that I wanted to get rid of didn't disappear and the hair lost its smoothness. It may be for the really really really frizzy and weak hair.

No, I don't recommend this product

Athens, Greece
26 Oct, 2014

This is definetely not an anti-frizz shampoo

Except for the fragrance that is very nice indeed, my hair after the use of the frizz miracle shampoo and the 3 minute miracle frizz remedy mask are more frizzy than ever before. My hair became very dry and my natural waves lost their shape.

No, I don't recommend this product