What we're really made of

Our (not very secret) secret marvels


What we're really made of

Once our weird, wonderful ingredients from the Outback and beyond were a closely guarded secret. But we couldn’t keep something this good in; we just had to blab…

Aloe Vera

This succulent stunner needs no introduction. It may be surrounded by small white teeth, but what’s inside is a mineral-rich bonanza of all that’s good and gorgeous. When applied to hair, it conditions until it’s as silky as silk, which is pretty darned silky.

Find it in our 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy Deep Treatment

Australian Balm Mint

Roll-up, roll-up... and meet this true Aussie marvel! Tip your hat, shake hands or full-on snog it, because this miraculous formula deserves your R.E.S.P.E.C.T. From the pretty purple-flowered Balm Mint shrub, it will wrap your hair up in glorious goodness ’til it’s glowing from the inside-out.

Find it in our 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Treatment

Australian Blue Gum Leaf Extract

Ever wondered why your hair’s frizzy and a koala’s isn’t? Well, those cuddly critters are on tosomething. They’re not that cute and fluffy by chance; Maybe it’s those Australian Blue Gum Leaves that they cling to all day that would help to make them super-duper soft and smooth –who knows?!

Find it in our Frizz Miracle Shampoo & Conditioner

Australian Blue Mountain Blend

This fabulous little concoction has two different kinds of Eucalyptus extracts that we named after the Blue Mountains near Sydney. Why? Because the Blue Mountains are literally covered in Eucalyptus forest (said in our best Attenborough voice). It smells almost as good as it makes your hair look. Note we said almost…

Find it in our Miracle Nourish Shampoo

Australian Ginseng

Ever wondered why Aussies have so much energy to surf and cook up storms on their barbies? It’s because they’ve been keeping the energy-boosting properties of Australian Ginseng a closely guarded secret. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone…

Find it in our 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment

Australian Hops

Ask any strapping beer-swilling Aussie male, and he’ll tell you Australian Hops are amazing.
And in case you're wondering what we're doing putting beer stuff in our formula – don't worry, the only thing that'll make you giddy is the amazing smell! Cheers (hic)…

Find it in our Aussome Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

Australian Jojoba Seed Oil

The only thing better than saying jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) seed oil is using it on your hair. Gathered from the Jojoba bush that grows in the desert (the seeds look a bit like big coffee beans), it was used for centuries by indigenous Australians to condition hair. Jojoba-rilliant, right?

Find it in our 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor

Australian Kangaroo Paw Flower

Why's it called the Kangaroo Paw Flower? Well, the clue's kinda in the name...it’s furry and paw-like and just, well, looks like one. Don’t worry though, it doesn't smell like one; it smells just fabulous, and helps to soften hair for added boing.

Find it in our Mega Shampoo & Conditioner

Australian Macadamia Nut Oil

Native to the land down under, the Macadamia nut is rich in oils and has been used in Australia for centuries. And it would have stayed their little secret if it hadn't been for an intrepid 19th century explorer who schlepped half way across the world and brought it back for the rest of us. What a guy.

Find it in our 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Treatment

Australian Sea Kelp

Yes, it’s that stuff that makes you squirm when it brushes past you in the sea. But man up! You’ve wasted valuable opportunities for lush, silky hair by not grabbing mineral and vitamin-rich sea kelp from the ocean. Oh, and it smells sensational too…

Find it in our Miracle Recharge Aussome Volume Conditioning Spray

Australian Wild Cherry Bark

Our formula with wild cherry bark helps your locks look amazingly bouncy and shiny, and this cherry-tastic formula smells good enough to eat. But we’re not suggesting you should slurp it
up – that would be seriously barking.

Find it in our Hairspray Shine + Hold

Australian Wild Peach

Oh how we love Australian Wild Peach. Our juicy formulas, positively oozing the fruity scent, come to the rescue of coloured hair, making sure hues stay bright and shiny.

Find it in our 3 Minute Miracle Colour Mate Deep Treatment

Pearl Powder

Australia's long been one of the world's biggest producers of sparkly pearls, so what they don't know about shine isn't worth knowing. And you know what? We use real actual pearls, and our formula adds gloss and sparkle to every strand (making you feel like the precious pearl you are… you go girl).

Find it in our 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment