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Manuka honey benefits

We love Manuka honey! What's so great about it? This Australia’s native is well known for its soothing properties, beautiful fragrance and healing values. That's only some of the reasons you can find this miracle ingredient in Aussie hair products. Let’s discover what Manuka honey can do for your hair.

What is manuka honey?

Manuka honey comes from a plant that grows in Southern Australia and New Zealand. It also cares about the surrounding Australian wildlife by protecting and restoring it. The plant is well-known for being tough. It can grow in places you wouldn’t expect to find any beautiful trees, yet here it is! Not only does it improve the overall beauty of the landscape, it also protects Australian wildlife as a natural erosion blocker. Besides that, it energizes Aussie nature to recover from its damages, as the plants are not on local animals’ daily menu, so they can grow in peace.

You may find the Manuka trees all over the world, but only those that produce flowers are attractive enough for those picky bees. Yep! The bees use the nectar from the flowers to make precious manuka honey. The task is really difficult. Opening hours for the striped visitors last for 5 days per individual flower. The bees love the flowers so much that they travel nearly 23 thousand times to collect enough Manuka nectar to create one jar of Manuka honey!

Manuka honey benefits

Uses of manuka honey are numerous. We’ve already mentioned its healing benefits. In fact, it is unique among honeys, as it contains active compounds which give it its natural antibacterial superpowers. It’s often used as a natural antibiotic for infection, as when you apply it on a wound it has a soothing effect. Manuka oil also smells amazing. That is why it’s commonly used in aromatherapy, as Manuka honey oil can relieve stress. The oil can also be used in perfumes.

Manuka honey benefits for hair
The environment can be really cruel to your hair, leaving you with dry, damaged or frizzy manes. No worries! We’ve got a solution for all these problems! If you’re after hair that’s hydrated, look no further. Manuka honey is here to help. It is known for sealing moisture in, resulting in more shine, volume and softness. Also, it helps you tame the frizz and define your curls. The benefits of manuka honey also include reduced breakage of the hair. This miraculous ingredient, rich in antioxidants, can revitalize your hair and soothe the scalp.

Manuka honey mask

Now, we are talking about the Manuka honey for a reason, and a good one, as it is part of Aussie’s hair care products. Specifically – SOS Save My Lengths Collection, dedicated to long hair. Enrich your long locks with more volume and shine with Aussie’s SOS Supercharged Repair Hair Mask. It will make your tresses feel alive again, as Manuka honey will help boost your hair growth and hydrate it.

Manuka honey hair spray

We all love the sun, but it can be cruel to your locks. Fear not! Beat the heat with SOS Instant Heat Saviour Hair Spray infused with Tasmanian Pepper leaf. It's going to do wonders to protect your hair from heat damage. Spray a little of this wonder-worker on your strands and you're ready to go.

And we know that a frizz-free life is what you’re after. SOS Instant Humidity Saviour Hair Spray helps you tame that frizz. Plus, it leaves your tresses hydrated and smooth.

The list of Manuka honey benefits for your hair is quite impressive, don’t you think? Well, not as impressive as your look after you try Aussie’s Supercharged Repair Hair Mask, which will bring your strands that bounce that even the fittest Roo will be jealous of!