A photo of kakadu plums grouped in bags

Kakadu plum benefits for hair


It’s Australia’s native antioxidant bomb, with the highest concentration in the world. But what is the Kakadu plum and how does it support healthier looking hair?

It’s the richest source of antioxidants on earth, with 4 times the concentration of a blueberry and even outshining the potency of an orange making it a true super-food. Now that's aussome.


This antioxidant rich treat’s grown across the top end of Australia, in the Northern Territory.

An interesting fact about the plant is how it’s survived in Australia’s harsh outback. It paralyses the roots of nearby plants to protect itself from threat. Impressive survival skills!

The Kakadu plum’s medicinal properties have lent themselves to years of local harvesting by indigenous Australians, and now, the secret’s out.

Roughly the size of an almond, it’s bursting with goodness, which is why we put a little in our Aussie Aussome Volume Collection.


The Kakadu Plum has garnered attention for its health and beauty benefits and is making its presence known. In the skin care industry, it’s already making its mark as a miracle ingredient known to protect and restore skin’s natural barrier and help protect skin’s elasticity. And, well, it’s one Australian A-beauty secret that we couldn’t keep to ourselves.

That's why you can find Kakadu Plum extract in our Aussie range. If you’re struggling with hair problems like, dull, lifeless strands, look no further than our Aussie Aussome Volume collection that is infused with this true-blue Aussie survivor.

Our special Aussie Aussome Volume shampoo formula is just what you need to turn on the volume on lifeless locks. Infused with Australian Kakadu Plum, it leaves your hair full of body and volume.

Paired with our oh-so gentle, light Aussie Aussome Volume Conditioner, your freshly cleansed and voluminous hair won’t be weighed down. And for an extra treat, our Aussie Aussome Volume 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment is a light-weight miracle worker that’ll help restore your hair’s glory in just 3 minutes!


The Kakadu plum comes from Crown Land near Kakadu National Park in Northern Australia and is harvested by hand by indigenous communities. A bush food eaten for millennia by Aborigines, Kakadu Plum now helps realize economic potential for indigenous communities across Northern Australia.

We source our Kakadu plums from a small, family-owned business that hand-picks and sustainably harvests to ensure enough fruit remains for local wildlife to forage and the plants to regenerate.