A photo of hemp leaves in the tillage

Hemp uses


Hemp – the magical wonder plant sweeping the beauty industry boasted a long history of uses before it made its way into your haircare routine. Hard to believe, we know!

Hemp – the magical wonder plant sweeping the beauty industry boasted a long history of uses before it made its way into your haircare routine. Hard to believe, we know!

Not sure what hemp is? Relax… we’ve done the hard yakka (that’s Australian for work) that’ll leave you feeling elated on the knowledge this wonder plant’s full of beauty benefits. Once you’re up to speed on what is hemp and how it’s different from marijuana, its uses might make a little more sense.

Hemp and marijuana stem from the same cannabis species. Like how kale, cauliflower and cabbage are all varieties of a single plant species – Brassica oleracea - mind blown.

And, just like our vegie friends, there are substantial differences between cannabis plant varietals that goes beyond taste and appearance.

Consider this your 101 on hemp (not to be confused with marijuana) uses…


Hemp uses were predominantly industrial thanks to the plant’s strength and durability, perfectly lending itself to the creation of twine, strong, yarn, rope and cable. Surprised? Hemp fibre’s also used to make bioplastic – a material that has the potential to be recyclable and biodegradable, depending on how it’s made.

That’s right, this varietal of the Cannabis sativa plant’s used mostly to make different types of material. Or at least that’s what the hemp stalk’s lent itself to. Everything from clothes, shoes and bags to paper, netting and insulation.

It’s when focus shifted to the hemp seed that we discovered this plant’s a true miracle worker.


Turns out, hemp seeds contain an abundance of protein, fibre and antioxidants. – reasons why hemp seeds are sprouting up in many industries from food and beverage to beauty and haircare.

Hemp seed in food and beverage Rich in healthy fats, arginine and antioxidants, hemp seeds can be sprinkled on cereal or yoghurt, added to smoothies or juices, used in baking or as a topper or salads.

This simple little addition’s bountifully rich in wellbeing benefits and, as it turns out, uses. Add hemp milk and oils to the hemp seed’s budding resumé. Because of the high levels of protein within the hemp seed, it’s ideal for protein powders or served as a dairy milk alternative. Considered a complete protein source, more than 25% of a hemp seed’s total calories are from high-quality protein. Hemp seeds are also exceptionally rich in omega-6 and omega-3 – essential fatty acids – and minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. All the more reason to weave it into your diet.

Hemp seed oil in cosmetics While hemp seed’s outer layer’s used in protein powders, bread and cereals and dairy alternatives, the oil extracted from the seed has its own repertoire of uses.

One of those is its ability to help soothe skin and hair, particularly related to dryness, thanks to its moisturizing properties.

It’s one of the reasons you may have noticed it sprouting up in skincare and haircare products. And, it’s one of the reasons you can find it hemp seed extract our Calm the Frizz Collection.

Hemp seed oil in haircare Hemp can help to rejuvenate and moisturise hair, which influences its overall condition – and we all crave those soft, touchable locks.

All reasons we infused our Calm the Frizz Collection with this charmer. Turns out, hemp can help calm frizz-prone tresses when mixed with the right ingredients!

If you’re longing for locks so smooth it should be illegal, kick off your haircare routine with our Calm the Frizz Shampoo. Not only is the beige bottle made with recycled plastic, it’s also recyclable. So, after you’ve squeezed the last drop onto your now calm and rejuvenated hair, continue the cycle and recycle.

Follow up the cleanse with our Australian hemp-infused Calm the Frizz Conditioner. This anti-frizz conditioner is perfect for when your hair needs a ‘calm-me-down’, transforming unruly hair into noticeably luscious locks.

For an extra treat when hair’s really feeling the heat and struggling with humidity, swap your conditioner for our hemp-infused Calm the Frizz 3 Minute Miracle. It’s an intensive moisture treatment that’ll transform tresses in as little as 3 minutes!

And there you have it – hemp and all it’s wonderful uses. So, whether you’re a material girl (we’re talking rope and twine) or on the beauty-conscious side – we all have a reason to love hemp and its benefits.