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Hemp oil benefits


Hemp’s the fast-growing plant that’s, well, fast growing on us! And for very good reasons.

Hemp’s the fast-growing plant that’s, well, fast growing on us! And for very good reasons.

Since the fairly recent legalisation of hemp production and consumption, it’s continued to sprout in a number of industries from sports and nutrition, haircare and beauty to industrial uses, like the production of rope and textiles.

The ban on hemp production was, to some extent, a result of the question “is hemp safe” thanks to its close relationship with the psychoactive plant, marijuana. Turns out, the two have as much in common as cabbage and cauliflower – in that they spawn from the same plant species. In this case it’s Cannabis sativa. But in terms of psychoactive properties, uses and appearance, the two are easily distinguishable.

Hemp’s the straight-laced cousin that brings with it an abundance of beauty benefits. It contains an impressive dose of antioxidants, minerals and fats.

Deconstructed, the hemp plant’s uses and benefits multiply. While the stem is mainly used for industrial purposes, like making rope, twine and cables, the hemp seed boasts an awe-inspiring repertoire in its own right.

So, if you’re wondering ‘is hemp oil good for you?’ the answer is a big yes. Hemp beauty benefits are broad and great, with new research since its legalisation uncovering more good news for this misjudged plant.

Hemp oil benefits for skin and beauty (CBD beauty)

Hemp seeds are exceptionally nutritious and rich in 2 essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6, which have potential to help calm and sooth hair and skin.
The omega-6 within hemp (gamma-linolenic acid) is a known moisturizer that hydrates whilst being gentle. Switching out your everyday beauty product for a hemp-based alternative could be the way to go if your hair or skin needs a rejuvenating and hydrating boost but needs something that calms and soothes too.
Hemp oil’s also ideal for moisturising very dry skin, leaving it hydrated without an oily residue. So, no clogged pores!

Nutritional benefits of hemp

When eaten, Hemp seeds are high in protein, fibre and minerals – all the good stuff your body craves. Which is why they make the perfect salad toper or smoothie mix. A little of this wonder plant goes a long way.

In fact, hemp seeds are known to be a complete source of protein and, by weight, provide similar amounts to red meat. So, if you’re looking for a protein boost, look no further than hemp.

Hemp benefits for the Environment

Yes, hemp’s a beauty saviour, but it’s oh so much more than that… It’s also doing its bit for the environment! Did you know that hemp needs little water to survive, can grow in smaller spaces than most crops, doesn’t need pesticides, is biodegradable and, it absorbs 22 tonnes of C02 per hectare making it more efficient in converting C02 to oxygen than trees!

Hemp oil benefits for hair

Last, but by no means least, hemp boasts benefits for hair that’ll have you running to the store to get your hands on it.

Turns out, all those nutrients that support the inside, are also good for the outside. Hemp’s known to moisturize, calm and. So, lather up!

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