a photo of caviar lime on the beach

Caviar Lime benefits for hair


Caviar Lime (citrus australasica) is a delicious, one-of-a-kind, super bush tucker fruit from Down Under. Also known as Australian Finger Lime, it’s chockers with juicy pearls that come in a wondrous array of colours all the way from pink to lime green.

Each pearl is just bursting with Vitamin C, folate and supercharged with antioxidants, 3 times as much as mandarins. Perfect for healthy hair growth and helping moisturise and nourish your beautiful hair. Ace!

Caviar lime isn’t just good for your hair, it’s A-mazing as marmalade or relish, with a fantastic tangy taste. The first European settlers went troppo for its tangy taste too, the perfect kickstart to any day.

From the rainforests of South-East Australia, caviar lime adds bounce, zest and life, making hair look and feel shinier and more vibrant. Take the hard yakka out of caring for your tresses and start your day the Aussome way with caviar lime-infused Aussie Hair products.


The organic acids in lime caviar are dinky-di!They help moisturise and nourish damaged hair and help repair those tired tresses by smoothing keratin fibres. Its epic exfoliating properties help remove dead skin cells, letting your scalp breathe and visibly improving sheen. It's the goat!

Aussie Products that contain Caviar Lime

Don’t let your hair cark it! Bring your hair back from the dead with a bang with the Aussie SOS range of products, specially designed to give a kiss of life to even the most helpless of hair. Give yourself a blast of life with our A-mazing SOS range, crammed full of unique outback superfoods like Caviar Lime and Tasmanian Pepperberry.

  • Aussie SOS Kiss of Life Deep Repair Shampoo
    Save me now! With Australian superfruits, the Aussie Shampoo SOS Kiss Of Life for damaged hair is a quick and easy solution. Like a kiss of life for dull and dry hair. We’re VEGAN!

  • Aussie SOS Kiss of Life 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment
    Save me now! With Australian Superfruits, the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle SOS Deep Treatment is the ultimate nourishing hair treatment for dry, damaged and dull locks.

  • Aussie SOS Kiss of Life Conditioner Deep Repair
    Save me now! With Australian superfruits, the Aussie SOS Kiss Of Life hair conditioner for damaged hair turns locks beautifully soft and smooth in no time. No worries. We’re VEGAN!

  • Aussie SOS Frizz Treatment Shot
    Tame that mane! The Aussie SOS Anti-Frizz Shot is a deep conditioning treatment for dry and frizzy hair. With Australian Caviar Lime, this hair treatment will smooth your locks instantly.

  • Aussie SOS Repair Treatment Shot
    Send help! The Aussie SOS Repair Shot is a deep conditioning treatment for weak and damaged hair. With Australian Lemon Myrtle, it'll revive your hair in an instant.

  • Aussie SOS Moisture Treatment Shot
    Dry no more! The Aussie SOS Moisture Shot is a deep conditioner for dry and damaged hair. With Australian Lemon Myrtle, this hair treatment will give your locks the moisture boost it deserves.