a photo of a wild plums on the beach

Benefits of wild plum for your hair


The Wild plum or Kakadu plum is a small pale green fruit thatgrows wild in the woodlands all across Northern Australia. It grows on trees known as the wild plum hedge, wild plum bush or wild yellow plum tree. It has a tart, bitter taste but it’s bonza for your health.

Wild plums have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine to treat colds, the flu, and headaches. They were even used as an antiseptic and a soothing balm. In recent years these small wild plums have become recognised for their Aussome nutritional values and are number 1 in the world for vitamin C content.


Australian Wild Plum has it all! It’s almost too good to be true, but this beaut little superfruit is choc a bloc with Vitamin C, 100 times more than an orange! And it beats blueberries hands down for antioxidants, with up to 4 times more. To cap all that they have a low glycaemic index, and the rate blood sugar levels rise. They’re rich in chlorogenic acid that can even help balance blood sugar and regular appetite. They also help increase levels of adiponectin hormones that regulate blood sugar, all of which is great news for diabetics.

If you think that’s amazing, we’re just getting started. They also contain Vitamin A, for healthy eyes, skin and nails. Beta carotene helps the body convert Vitamin A and potassium for a healthy heart and nervous system. Traditionally ground bark and roots were used to remedy gastrointestinal problems. Good news if you overdid it at your last barbie!


This bottler little superfruit might be the perfect answer for dry, lustreless hair. It helps moisturise and hydrate hair and boost collagen and elastin revitalising hair and restoring natural gloss. It even protects against free radicals and day-to-day hair damage, helping to promote your overall hair and scalp health. No drama!


For thousands of years, Wild Plum was the secret of the indigenous Australians, but now the secret is out and everybody knows what a little corker it is! All those amazing ingredients are just bursting to get out and explode, adding vibrancy and volume to your hair.

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