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Benefits of Australian manuka leaf for your hair


The Manuka plant is a small evergreen tree of South Eastern Australia. It usually grows 2 to 5 metres tall, but can grow as high as 15 metres! And talk about blooming beautiful! It has pink and white flowers with prickly leaves and large seed pods. Manuka is a true Aussie and can grow almost anywhere, swamps, deserts and rocky crags. It is fast-growingand has a sweet fragrance that is irresistible to bees when in bloom.

Manuka is world-famous for its honey, but Manuka honey is a pretty recent innovation. Only after European bees were introduced Down Under did the effects become more potent. The leaves have been used by Ozzie natives for thousands of years to reduce fever, for urinary complaints and as a balm for stiff muscles and aching joints. Even the bark is useful, having a relaxing effect that enhances sleep.


Manuka Oil is obtained from steam distillation of sustainably harvested Manuka tree leaves. It’s much more potent than Manuka honey and even 30 times stronger than Tea Tree Oil. Strewth! This unbelievable oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s 100% vegan, no bees are involved in production.

Manuka tea has been used by natives for centuries to help fight colds and flu. The leaves are rich in tannins and essential oil, even Captain Cook used them to make Manuka tea to help fight scurvy, earning Manuka the name tea tree. It’s so versatile that on later voyages he even made Manuka beer from branches, leaves and molasses. Who’s ready for a schooner?


Manuka Oil is packed with antibacterial properties, making it ideal for fighting off bacterial growth which is often the cause of unpleasant skin conditions. Manuka Oil can also be used to treat damaged skin and scarring caused by acne, thanks to its regeneration properties.

Manuka oil can help you look and feel great. It can help soothe dry, itchy scalp and it smells bonzer, wonderfully floral, light, and sweet. It can even help alleviate stress and pain and soothe your mood.

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