Calm the Frizz Lightweight Oil

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Aussie’s Calm The Frizz Lightweight Oil for frizzy hair. Sends a rush of hydration to frizzy locks. The all-new formula contains Aussie’s new star ingredient: Australian Hemp Seed extract. Just a drop of this miracle hair oil goes a long way to taming that mane leaving your hair beautifully well behaved.

A is for Aussie… short for Australia. Where our natural botanical ingredients come from and where we proudly call home! Our award-winning hair products wouldn't be the same without it! To gorgeous looking and smelling hair!

Animals first, beautiful, bouncy hair a close second.

You can be kind to rabbits and roos and have perfect, bouncy hair too. That's why at Aussie, we never test on animals. And are proud to be a PETA certified cruelty-free brand. So you can have great hair with no worries. A-mazing!


  • For frizzy hair that needs to chill
  • Keeps unruly hair in its place
  • Infused with authentic Australian hemp seed extract

How to use

  1. A small amount goes a long way, so start with a little. You can always add more. A penny size in the palm of your hand's a good place to start.
  2. Rub your hands together to warm the oil and apply using your fingers to the lengths of your hair.
  3. Give your hair a tussle and you're good to go!

Ratings & Reviews

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Cheshire UK
HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartI can not get enough hemp oil!

I have tried so many different products on my hair to calm the frizz including various salon quality products however Aussie Hemp Oil has been the only product that has actually worked! I have even...

Stockholm, Sweden
HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartFrizzy hair

Absolutely the best oil I ever tried for my hair and I will continue to use it!!


I have frizzy hair I'm also a,hairdresser so I know what works and what doesn't this,stuff works amazing and leave yo r hair so sort and managing to keep frizz at bay


Love a good oil and less straightening time means less split ends


I am not a fan of hair oils normally but my hair loves this oil. It smells amazing and my hair feels amazing the say after using it. A small amount goes a long way.


Amazing product that does exactly what it says on the bottle!! Plus it has the bonus of smelling absolutely gorgeous!! I use this everyday in my hair care routine and it’s not let me down yet, even...


[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] My hair os worst but with product of Aussie is geting better. First time when I try the product of the company is been smoll freebie. And when I...


Put a few drops of Aussie Calm the Frizz oil into the palm of your hands--spread throughout your hair, and this keeps it shiny and protected when you swim and in the sun. Great for taking on...


really great on my frizzy curly hair, left it shiny and soft, the curls defined, but not weighed down,


Smells incredible, and left my hair silky smooth. I have naturally curly hair, which is just growing back after chemo, only about 4-5inches in length as yet, so needs all the help it can get. I love...