3 Miracle Oil Smooth

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Aussie 3 Miracle Oil: Smooth is your handy little miracle hair oil in a bottle. It visibly smoothens hair and makes it shiny without any of the grease. The light hair smoothing oil contains a magic triple-blend of Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, Australian Sunflower Oil and Australian coconut oil straight from the Australian wild. It’s the fairy Godmother you always hoped for.

A is for Aussie… short for Australia. Where our natural botanical ingredients come from and where we proudly call home! Our award-winning hair products wouldn't be the same without it! To gorgeous looking and smelling hair!

0% Colourants

Animals first, beautiful, bouncy hair a close second.

You can be kind to rabbits and roos and have perfect, bouncy hair too. That's why at Aussie, we never test on animals. And are proud to be a PETA certified cruelty-free brand. So you can have great hair with no worries. A-mazing!

Ratings & Reviews

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I don't usually write a whole lot of reviews but I had to say something about this product. I have horrible hair - frizzy, difficult and with very dry ends. I put this in my hair before and after...

HeartHeartHeartHeartHearti have my doubts

in the ingredients,not the macadamia or avocado,the ones that are on the back in little letters it says contains dimetthiconol,cyclopentasiloxane those are silicone based ingredients.Silicones are...

Doncaster, UK
HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartAfter One Use! AMAZING!!!

I cannot believe I’ve had dry ends for this long ! After one use of this product they are no more !! I especially like that I only used the smallest amount and it covered all my hair (ends)....