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Barking up the right tree

The science people (serious face) tell us that our formula with Wild Cherry Bark extracts helps your hair look amazingly bouncy and shiny. It smells good enough to eat too! But we’re not suggesting you should slurp it up – that would be seriously barking.

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Pennsylvania, USA
09 May, 2014

Bring back the old scent... PLEASE

I loved the old Citrus Breeze scent. It wasn't overpowering, and smelled clean. It was the only H

Yes, I recommend this product

11 Sep, 2014

I love this shampoo - don't ever change it

I've been using head and shoulders most of my life. I've been using this version for years and since the day it was released it has been my favorite. The citrus smell is wonderful. But also the clean felt better than the original head and shoulders I used as a teenager. It's a great product and I hope the company never stops producing it. They recently changed the smell slightly and while it is still nice, is not as refreshing as the old scent, but at least the clean is still as good. Wish you would change back to the original citrus scent. But this line should always be a part of the head and shoulders family of products.

Yes, I recommend this product

26 Jan, 2015

Product changed -- for the worse

I have been a Head & Shoulders customer for 30 years, and I have used the Citrus Breeze shampoo for many of them. Recently, they changed the ingredients and scent. Whereas before it had a pleasant citrus scent, it now smells like rancid bubble gum. It also no longer removes the oil from my hair as effectively, even after a double application. I have learned through other similar negative reviews that they now offer an Instant Oil Control Shampoo with mango and citrus essence, so I will give that a try in the hope that it will meet my needs.

No, I don't recommend this product

Head and Shoulders English United States

Head and Shoulders English United States Consumer Relations 16 Feb, 2015

I’m sorry you did not enjoy your recent experience with the Head and Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo, Todd. We did update the formula in 2014 to include our new Fresh Scent Technology, a water activated fragrance boost, but we did not alter the light citrus scent you enjoy. I know how frustrating it can be when your favorite product is improved and it no longer fits your hair needs. Also hair and scalps change over time and require different products to effectively serve their current state. The Instant Oil Control Shampoo is a good choice; I hope that it works well for you!