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  • Miracle Moist Conditioner

    Who knew? Parched locks CAN be soft every day.

    With Australian Macadamia Nut Oil
    Feel like only a miracle can quench your thirsty hair? Lucky for you we have a miraculous formula that leaves parched hair amazingly conditioned.

  • Miracle Recharge Moisture Conditioning Spray

    Moisture boost between washes? Yes please…

    With Australian Macadamia Nut Oil
    Your poor, thirsty hair. Give it a reviving spritz of lightweight loveliness between washes, with this nippy miracle for smoooooth manageability.

  • Frizz Miracle Conditioner

    From static erratic to sleek and silky. WIN.

    With Australian Blue Gum Leaves extract
    Show frizz who’s boss with our special formula to help smooth and tame your tresses. Your hair will be under your command in no time.

  • Miracle Shine Conditioner

    Wake up tired hair with a gleam and glisten.

    With Australian Ginseng extract and Pearl Powder
    Want hair that gleams, glistens and glows? Of course you do! That’s why we’ve created this miraculous formula to wake up tired hair, leaving it vibrant and shiny.

  • Miracle Recharge Take the Heat Conditioning Spray

    Heat-damage defence for hot-looking hair

    With Australian Jojoba Seed Oil
    Aussies know a thing or two about heat: tongs, irons, blow dryers, and that other warm thing called the sun. Whatever you use, bring your hair back to sexy with a protective spritz of this hot little number.

  • Miracle Recharge Luscious Long Conditioning Spray

    For manageable lusciousness in between washes.

    Twirled, tossed, flipped and twiddled. Lusciously long locks just need more love. Give hair back the lusciousness it's been longing for with a quick spritz of the Miracle Recharge hair conditioner here and there between washes.

  • Take the Heat Conditioner

    Give hair a big, protective hug from a bottle.

    With Australian Jojoba Seed Oil
    Be hot-hot-hot without getting frazzled. This soothing, smoothing formula will help guard your hair against heat styling damage, like a big protective hug. Oh, it smells gorgeous too.

  • Miracle Recharge Frizz Remedy Conditioning Spray

    An emergency lightweight recharge of smooth.

    With Australian Jojoba Seed Oil
    For hair that's a bit on the wild side, here's an emergency recharge of smooth, just when you need it. Just a little pffft, and angry frizz is nice and calm. Move along, move along, nothing to see here…

  • Colour Mate Conditioner

    Dull? You? Never (not with this baby).

    With Australian Wild Peach extract
    Dull? Purleeease! Your hair needs to be as vibrant as you are, so reach for this conditioning marvel, to keep your coloured hair in tip-top condition.

  • Luscious Long Conditioner

    For hair that wants long-term commitment.

    Rapunzel eat your heart out! This heavenly hair conditioner helps transform long, distressed hair into a beautifully soft mane any man would want to climb up!

  • Miracle Hair Insurance Conditioning Spray

    Defend, detangle and de-stress? Done.

    With Australian Jojoba Seed Oil
    They say protect your assets. And what’s your best asset? Your hair of course! Love your locks back to life with this everyday detangling, defending, de-stressing conditioning spray. Bonza!

  • Mega Instant Conditioner

    Build-up? Nah. Bouncy, shiny, healthy hair? Yep.

    With Kangaroo Paw Flower extract
    Woaahhh! This may be for everyday conditioning, but it's no everyday conditioner. Get your hair boomeranging back to life with our daily lightweight, miraculous formula that leaves each strand soft, shiny and full of bounce.

  • Miracle Recharge Aussome Volume Conditioning Spray

    A leave-in for hair that wants to upsize.

    With Australian Sea Kelp extract
    There's a party in my hair, and everyone's invited’... is obviously something you'd never say, but that doesn't mean your hair can't say it for you. Spritz in this leave-in conditioner for an upsurge of size, and let your hair live large.

  • Aussome Volume Conditioner

    Lightweight and uplifting for va-va-volume.

    With Australian Hops extract
    Flat hair getting you down? Our lightweight formula leaves your hair and your spirit uplifted from root to tip. Go big or go home!

  • Miracle Recharge Shine Conditioning Spray

    Spritz and glow for a shiny, shimmery boost.

    With Australian Ginseng extract
    For Aussie starlets, hair that shines is a must-have. Spritz on this little miracle spray, and get full-on glare that'll have admirers reaching for their sunnies.

  • Miracle Recharge Colour Mate Conditioning Spray

    A leave-in spray, for attention-loving colour.

    With Australian Wild Cherry Bark
    Everybody loves a compliment – and this nippy little leave-in spray is just the ticket for all-day pick-me-ups. So give your coloured hair the conditioning care and attention it loves, and let people rave about your fabulousness.

  • Beach Mate Conditioner

    A hit of hydration for sunned-out hair.

    With Australian Macadamia Nut Oil
    Life’s a beach for Aussies, but it’s not always a holiday for your hair. Our hydration-hit formula infuses moisture back into summer-beaten hair.