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We’re nuts about hydration!

Our special formula with Australian Macadamia nut oil, helps to condition and smooth hair. Native to Oz, the Macadamia Nut has long been used for moisture. Thanks to an intrepid 19th century explorer dude (who luckily for us didn't get lost in The Outback), the rest of the world was let in on the secret.

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Manchester, UK
05 Oct, 2012

What an absolutely superb product

My hair tends to be a bit dry but by golly your product has certainly sorted it out, my hair is now shiny and full of life again thanks to using your product for a couple of weeks, it does just what it says on the tin it is a miracle moist product, well done guys I love it and will recommend it to all my friends keep up the good work LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan x

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14 Mar, 2013


I have really fine hair and it makes it really manageable and even softer than it normally is - plus it smells awesome!

Yes, I recommend this product

14 Mar, 2013

it literally saved my hair!!!

after dying my hair it went really dry, i tried all different brands that were supposed to hydrate but nothing worked until now, my hair felt and looked instantly better after one use. i love miracle moist shampoo!!!!!!!!! <3

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22 Mar, 2013

Dry hair revival

Absolutely adore this product! I have very thin hair which is very prone to becoming dry. After just a week of using this product there was a noticeable difference to the feel of my hair. It felt so soft, moisturised with zero fly away. Love it. Shame the bottle ends!!

Yes, I recommend this product

08 Aug, 2013

Changed my hair life!

Having tried lots of shampoo's from all the leading products I got Aussie when it was in the sale at a supermarket and haven't looked back! My hair is sleek and lovely without leaving a residue like so many others do. Definitely to be paired with the conditioner as that's a miracle product also!! thank you for making this product :)

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04 Sep, 2013

Fantastic product

I have very fine hair which looks fine and limp, now with the Miracle Moist shampoo it feels so much thicker and looks really healthy

Yes, I recommend this product

Ilford, Greater London, UK
18 Sep, 2013

Fantastic product makes my hair look and smell beautiful.

I absolutely love this product, from the very first wash I noticed a change in my hair, I call it my bathroom miracle, my teenage kids have also tried this product and now they refuse to use anything else on their hair. I would recommend this product if you want beautiful looking hair that smells great.

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New York, NY, USA
27 Nov, 2013

Sham POO

Amazing product, had results that no one would predict!. Best shampoo product i have ever bought and i would recommend to every one either male or female over the age of 65+

Yes, I recommend this product

05 Dec, 2013

Loooove this product!

I am in love! Have used this product for years, it is the only shampoo i can use as ever other shampoo brands make my hair greasy!! It makes my hair squeek its that joke! I thank the lord for aussie!

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The Netherlands
18 Apr, 2014

Love it, love it, love it!!!

LOVE: the smell, the texture, the lagoon color, the feeling of freshness the whole day long, the lightness and presentation of the product! Thank you for creating this shampoo!

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