Key Ingredients

Two kinds of Eucalyptus for twice the treat.

Australian Blue Mountain Blend is a fabulous concoction, with two different kinds of Eucalyptus extracts. It smells simply divine and will make your hair too!

Ratings & Reviews

3.78/5 (9)
77% of reviewers recommend this product

Cape Town, South Africa
14 Sep, 2015

Protein or Moisture based

My Hair is long and very protein sensitive. I would like to try this product. Could you please advise if it is protein based or not?

Yes, I recommend this product

08 Apr, 2014


I fell in love with this right away. The smell is sooo delicious, the colour, the texture and how it leaves the hair - Shiny, soft and moisturized. As a person with thick hair that tends to get greasy in the roots and dry in the ends, it's hard to find shampoo- and conditioner, but the Aussome Volume and Luscious Long simply does it. I love it.

Yes, I recommend this product

Helsinki, FI
27 Mar, 2014

A positive surprise

I got a bottle of this shampoo and I was curious to try it our as it was my first Aussie product. I have blonde scandinavian hair that is about half a meter long so the shampoo certainly had its work cut out for it, but it pulled through just as advertised! Having tried quite a few shampoos in my time I was very impressed with its performance.

Yes, I recommend this product

17 Oct, 2013

Lovely but not quiet as expected

I loved using this as my hair is getting quite long. However I was expecting more of a Shine and fly away than I got. Its a good shampoo and is great with the conditioner. I would recommend it was expecting just a tad more though.

Yes, I recommend this product

29 Sep, 2013


After using this product my hair always feels really grimy and yuck. There is no smoothness to my hair at al

No, I don't recommend this product

08 Sep, 2013


I have long blonde scandinavian hair and I´ve never been able to use conditioner, it just made my hair electric. I discovered Aussie and liked the scent, so I thought I´d give it a try. Not only does my hair look and feel much healthier, I can actually save money on hair salon visits because of the effects of Luscious Long.Oh and I love swishing my hair now :)

Yes, I recommend this product

North East England
11 Aug, 2013

Super Smooth & Shiny

I have very long, layered thick hair. This keeps it in tip top condition and doesn't leave a residue after long term use, which other relatively expensive brands do. My hair has a tendency to waywardness so I use this with the matching conditioner and it has never been in better condition. Smells good, works very well. I should add I don't have to wash my hair everyday, only every 2-3, and it s generally non greasy and non problematic so I can only speak from experience.

Yes, I recommend this product

Swindon, UK
10 Jul, 2013

Kept my hair in place I guess bit horrible residue

I tried an Aussie hairspray years ago and it was horrible! Thought I would give the products another go and regretted it. My hair feels sticky greasy and generally disgusting. Couldnt wait to get home to wash it. Worst shampoo I have ever used! Will not be buying any Aussie products again, disappointing!

No, I don't recommend this product

England, UK
13 Jan, 2013

Amazing product

I brought this shampoo because my hair had become extremely damaged and I thought i needed to fix it up! This product is so beautiful, the smell is gorgeous and when you put it on, it creates the most luxurious lather compared to other shampoos ive tried! When drying my hair, it did become a bit rough and was extremely tangled but when i woke up the next day, my hair was left feeling so soft, there are no tangles, and honestly it feels longer and healthier already (but maybe thats because i love the product so much). I will definetly continue to purchase this product and maybe try a few others such as the hair insurance, as that seems to be very good! Overall i absolutely LOVED this shampoo, and its become my favourite shampoo EVER!

Yes, I recommend this product